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Hope the US Really “Accepts Chinese Students” in a Real Place – Xinhuang

</p><p>Hope the US Really “Accepts Chinese Students” in a Real Place – Xinhuang

On October 11, US President Trump met in the White House with the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee, Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council and Chinese leader of the All-China-American Comprehensive Economic Dialogue, Liu He. Responding to questions from Chinese and foreign journalists, he raised the question of China in a reporter for People’s Daily. The visa question for students studying in the United States clearly states: “We want all Chinese students who want to study in the United States to come … The reason our university is the best in the world is one of the reasons that we have a lot of Chinese students. ” This is difficult for Chinese students (applying for a visa), and we treat Chinese students equally. ”

Today, US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad published in China Youth Daily a signed article, “American Students Welcome Chinese People,” which says, “We welcome Chinese students to the US campus,” and plan to study in the United States. Chinese students studying in the United States made a number of suggestions.

Currently, a statement by President Trump and Ambassador Branstad has undoubtedly given a positive signal to the outside world: this is a “callback” regarding the relevant visa policy pursued by the United States in the past. We are pleased to see tension in some important areas. The Chinese people are committed to trust, and all the words they say are taken into account. We hope that the American side will be able to say this on this issue and take practical measures to truly realize the “coveted Chinese students."

Global Think Tank (CCG) estimates that about 500,000 Chinese students are enrolled in the United States, including about 300,000 college students, 50,000 to 100,000 middle school students, and about 50,000 visiting scholars. This is a large group that annually allocates the United States for education from 20 to 30 billion US dollars. This portion of income is also one of the important economic sources for US universities to maintain high competitiveness. Obviously, a statement by President Trump and articles by Ambassador Branstad show that the United States saw the value and contribution of Chinese students to the United States. We also hope that more and more people in the United States will take proactive action and initiatives.

Since the beginning of this year, American universities such as Yale University, the University of Chicago, Stanford University, Rice University and the University of California Davis have issued an open letter against stereotypical discrimination against Chinese ethnicity and called for the protection of international scientific exchanges. Among them, President of the University of Chicago Robert J. Zimmer not only said that the University of Chicago welcomes Chinese students and scientists, and its position on actively participating in international cooperation will not change, but also encourages American students and scientists from the University of Chicago to go to China.

We expect Sino-US cultural exchanges to return to normal as soon as possible. We believe that this is exactly what students and scholars in the field of humanitarian exchanges between China and the United States want to see. (Qin Jiping)

Hope the US Really “Accepts Chinese Students” in a Real Place – Xinhuang


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