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God fights! Kawayi 37 points revenge warrior, he waited 565 days for this battle – Lao Xu said that the ball

2018-11-30 18:26:33 Source: Lao Xu said that the ball

Original title: God fights! Kawayi 37 leads the warrior's revenge, he waited 565 days for this battle

November 30, named in the preview of the NBA Finals of the regular season, the House of Predators after overtime worked hard to 131-128 victories over the Warriors, ho take seven straight, at the end of three direct opponents. Durant hit 51 points and 11 rebounds. He first scored 40+ in three games in a row. Leonard scored 37 points.

In this game, Lori has 10 points, 8 rebounds and 12 assists, Sykam 26 points, Ibaka 20 points, Danny Green – 13 points, Valanchunas – 12 points. For Warriors, Thompson scored 23 points, Zherebko scored 20 points, and Igudala scored 6 points.

Kawaii has a very unique feeling for the Warriors, and he did not play against the Warriors, since he was “stuck” in the first game of the 2016-17 season. That is, once again against the warriors, Leonard waited until May 30, 2017, until November 30, 2018, and waited 565 days.

The outside world sees this game as a preview of the final, but Kavayi is as calm as ever to treat this game as a regular regular season, another regular season, another challenge. Leonard said: “I look forward to playing any game. If I am not in the position of Kevin Durant, then there is nothing.

This is what I said, but in the game, Kawaii had a strong desire to win. He hit the jumper as soon as the game came, and then hit three pointers on the outside, and then knocked over Durant on the free-throw line. This is a jumper. In the first six shots in the first quarter, he scored 13 points, 1 help, 1 theft and 1 blocked shot in 6 of 7 shots, which led the Raptors to take the initiative earlier. So, Jeremy tweeted: "Leonard is a car, completely irresistible."

On the Warriors side, Durant asked reporters during the post-match interview about whether the predators were good at defending him. Durant said: “Of course, predators are a great team, Ke Huai. Leonard is very heavy, I like to fight him, his hands will always be with you, his hands are big, the speed of his hands is also very fast, you will let him steal the ball if you happen to be. So you need to play more energy to defeat him, and he has a good helper, they also have Sikam, they have very good defenders. Their defense is very difficult, so I have to try my best to hit the shooting. "

It is said that the strongest opponent can inspire his best state. In fact, Durant played well in this game, receiving 51 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists. Kawaii scored a record of 37 points, which set the new season. Speaking about his performance, Durant said: “We are constantly changing the ball. We were a lot behind this evening, I just tried to keep aggressive. ”

The opening rhythm of the two sides in this game is very fast. Speaking about this, Durant said: “This is real basketball. We need to focus on both ends of crime and defense, reduce mistakes and make fewer mistakes. ”

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