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Finally, it was the turn of the heavyweights! Shanghai stock index returns to 2700 points. Technical side to fill the technical space _ plate

Original title: Finally, it's the heavyweight lineup! Shanghai stock index returns to 2700 points of technical coverage of technical gap

FX168 Financial News (Hong Kong) News Monday (November 19), stocks changed differently – the Shanghai Composite Index reversed 2700, the GEM was lower. The two cities have more than 100 daily limits, and the volume of transactions has exceeded 440 billion Yuan … Analysts noted that the recent small market continued the recent small growth, but the sector was seriously divided, the heavyweights grew, and the small and medium stocks retreated. The broader market has already filled up the technical gap in the previous period, but after accumulating for a long time, it accumulates some profit. After the Shanghai short-term stock index consolidates above 2650, it is expected to continue to grow.

He also said that the weathervane of this rally round was switched from brokerage shares to venture capital shares. From a disk perspective, today the sector’s shares began to differentiate, the number of open daily limits increased, when hot spots seem to spin and rest, the style of the entire disk also switches, if market winds do not fall, the market is expected to continue to move on, investors can pay attention Effect of stock expansion for venture capital.

The Shanghai Composite Index opened near the flat line in early trading. In the second half of the day, the brokerage and Sungung sectors rose higher, which led to the fact that the Shanghai Composite Index gradually increased, returning to 2,700 points. The GEM index performed poorly. After a low opening, he quickly fell and continued to fall low. The turnover of the two cities exceeded 440 billion yuan, which was less than the previous trading day.

At the time of closing:The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2,703.51 points, an increase of 0.91%, with a turnover of 1965.63 billion yuan. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index closed at 8108.85 points, or 0.58%, with a turnover of 243.574 billion yuan. The GEM index closed at 1394.40 points, down 0.63%. The amount was 64.721 billion yuan.

Industry stocks:In terms of sectors, most of the profits, financial stocks and real estate stocks joined forces to strengthen, Xiong's concept of stocks rose late, a wave of ups and downs set off, in addition to cement, Shenzhen state-owned reform and other sectors rose. Mobile gaming, shared bikes and semiconductors were some of the best losers. As for individual stocks, the two cities have accumulated more than 100 daily limits, while nearly 1,600 shares have fallen.

Shanghai & Shenzhen Stock Connect:As of 15:01, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has a daily quota of 52 billion yuan, the remaining 50,589 billion yuan, which is 97%. As of 15:01, the Shenzhen Daily Daily quota of 52 billion yuan remained 51.374 billion yuan, which is 98%. Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect net purchases of 1.34 billion Yuan and net purchases of 575 million Yuan, with a cumulative net purchase of 1.915 billion Yuan.

Financial side:

one,Today, the People’s Bank of China did not conduct a buy-back operation. Since on the same day the buyback does not stop, on the same day zero income was achieved with a zero share. The reverse “buyback” period on the open market of the central bank “silent period” lasted 17 trading days.

2,As of November 18, SSE financing amounted to 471.864 billion Yuan, which is 435 million Yuan less than on the previous trading day, and the balance of financing of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was 296.07 billion Yuan, which is 683 million Yuan less, than the previous trading day, and in two cities – 767.934 billion. Yuan. Compared with the previous trading day, it fell by 1.118 billion yuan.

Brokerage point of view:

one)The founder of the securities believes that the market is virtuous and the market fluctuates. The northern capital has a net inflow for three consecutive weeks, and the net inflow since November is about 36.2 billion. BlackRock, the world's largest asset management company, recently released a loud opinion that "China's technological reserves will be taken next year, and global investors should take advantage of a choice of Chinese technology stocks." At the same time, when foreign capital is working, domestic institutional funds are accelerating, and 400 billion pensions have opened up an investment journey. Although a “lack of investment” still exists, the stock market is both an investment base for internal and external funds and a “reservoir” for internal and external funds.

2)Zhang Yanxi, a senior investment broker at Capital Securities, said it was time for you to sing our part on the stage. The growth and growth of the sector caused the growth of large-cap stocks, while small-cap stocks calmed down a bit. She also said that a strict delisting policy was introduced on the weekend stock exchanges, and some of the more traded stocks were adjusted, which somewhat affected market sentiment. The GEM index, the weathervane for this rally round, was in the lead on Friday and entered the 60-minute adjustment cycle. Small and medium-sized capital stocks have certain requirements for profit and adjustment.

However, due to the rounding effect between sectors, although the style was slightly switched, the market retained a certain degree of activity. This week, the SSE 50 sector will transfer shares of small and medium capitalization, which will contribute to the growth of the index. In addition, more than 100 shares listed on the stock exchange were canceled last week, and market liquidity will improve slightly.

News:Friday evening, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges officially published “Implementing measures for substantial illegal delisting of written-off companies,” which specify two types of mandatory exclusion from the main illegal securities and public security violations, especially for listed companies . Those who seriously violate public interests and cause serious social consequences are specifically regulated as a type of delisting.

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