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Feng Yingying looking dress size is too large exposure and night work overalls hit shirt – Restless Information

Feng Yingying wear front photo of the dress (Source: VCG)

Notizen night dresses sold by Taobao (Source: @ 孤烟 暮 蝉)

Miss Hong Kong champion Feng Yunin instigated the costumes for the thousand stars of Taihung on TVB, and many people were joking.

On November 19, local time, Hong Kong TVB held a thousand stars to celebrate Tayking, the most attractive red carpet show in which many actresses participate. Fan Inging, who was once the champion of Miss Hong Kong, was even more eager to take the lead.

It is reported that Feng Ynging was wearing a chest with a low neckline and a pair of promising evening dresses for the night, sexy and actress.

Some Hong Kong media have even reported that the good sister of Feng inging, Mai Mingshi, broke the news that Feng Yining did not wear leggings. Therefore, Fan Injing was relatively blunt when shooting to prevent it from going out.

The report also said that Feng Yingying had previously announced that with Taiqing it would be treated with great care and would choose major Hong Kong brands to make evening wear. However, some netizens found that the same clothes were found on Taobao, a well-known e-commerce platform in China.

You can see through the images printed on the Internet, that taobao clothes "sexy evening dress evening dress" "night club nightgown."

Compared to the clothes of Feng Yingyi, there is neither one nor the other.

Fan Yinging doesn't seem to know about this (Source: VCG)

Feng Yingying, wearing a side view of a dress (Source: VCG)

According to the information, Feng Yingying graduated from the Department of Food and Nutrition at the University of Hong Kong, and was also awarded a school flower during his school days. On September 11, 2016, Feng Yingying won the Miss Hong Kong Championship. In January 2017, he participated in the Miss China International Competition in 2017 and finished third.

In response to this question, Feng Yingying did not answer.

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