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Exposing signatures in Barcelona to provoke Messi's weak decision low to make him desperate – football is hair –

2018-12-01 01:24:07 Source: Football is hair

Original title: expose signatures in Barcelona to provoke Messi High the stupid decision to make him desperate

In the group match of the Champions League in the middle of the week Barcelona beat Eindhoven with a score of 2: 1, and the team was able to lock the top position of the group in advance. In the league, although the last round, because he did not beat Atletico Madrid, forcing Barcelona to lose points again, but still could take second place in the league.

From the overall performance of the season, Barcelona is still pretty good. However, there were some problems in this, the most serious of which are undoubtedly defensive. Barcelona's defense this season is pretty bad. After just 13 rounds, Barcelona lost 19 goals. You know, Barcelona lost 9 goals in 20 rounds last season.

This is also due to the fact that this season Barcelona lost too much, which also led to the dominant strength of the team in the league this season very seriously. If it was in the past, this season Barcelona should have been the leader in this season. But currently Barcelona is still on two points behind Seville in the league.

Despite the fact that the focus in Barcelona is shifted from the league to the Champions League this season, it is not easy to win the Champions League this season with the current defense of the team. Therefore, in such conditions, according to the Spanish news of Mr. Football, Messi also hopes that Barcelona can continue to strengthen the defense in the winter window.

In the past two seasons, the main candidate from Barcelona in the central position of the defender is a partner Pique Um Titi. However, Umtiti suffers from injuries this season. Barcelona recently announced that Umtiti will be treated conservatively, which means that his return will be a question mark. In the absence of Umtiti, Langley became Pique’s partner.

However, Peek and Langley partner is unstable. Especially this season, Piquet's fall is quite serious. Therefore, Messi also hopes that the club will be able to introduce a young and powerful defender in the transfer market. Messi hopes that Barcelona will introduce the young Dutch midfielder Ajax Der Hutt.

However, according to “Mr. Football, the Barcelona leaders do not wish to represent Drecht. Because in the eyes of Barcelona, ​​the combination of Langley and Pique is quite sufficient. They are only ready to sign David Luis or Ivanovich in the winter window as a transition.

The media noted that Messi is very unhappy with the plans of the Barcelona leadership. Not to mention the fact that David Louis and Ivanovich are already more than 30 years old, and their status has also fallen dramatically. Messi hopes that the club will be able to consider and implement young players for a long time.

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