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Early fire Beide Yunshe 70 years, the world's lowest cross-speaker family lost 2 people in 3 months | Chang Baohua | Crosstalk_ 新浪 新闻

Original title: Baidi Yunshe was 70 years old, the lowest-profile family in the comic dialogue, losing two people in three months

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Early in the morning of this day, comic actor Deyun Gao Feng reported on Weibo that Mr. Chang Guitian, a descendant of the descendants of Chang's comic dialogue, died at the age of 76 years. Having counted Mr. Chan Baohua, who died in early September, Chang Jia went to two old gentlemen in just three months.

    On the left, Chang Baohua, Chang Bauzhen, and Chang Guitian all passed away. On the left, Chang Baohua, Chang Bauzhen, and Chang Guitian all passed away.

In the traditional world of comic communication, there have always been three families of Hou Jia, Ma Jia, and Chang Jia. If you're talking about which family has the most comedic actors, Chang won't let her go.

    Chang Lian, Founder of Chang Jia (Medium) Chang Lian, Founder of Chang Jia (Medium)

The founder of Chan Jia is Mr. Chang Lian An. After the reign of Zhang Shusheng in the 22nd year of the Republic of China, Chang Lian began to make a living from the comic dialogue. Changlian-Anu has six sons, namely Chang Baozhen, Chang Baolin, Chang Baozhen, Chang Baohua, Chang Baoqing and Chang Baofeng. These six brothers can all "play 10" in the circle of comic communication, and the most capable of "hit" is the eldest son Chang Bazozhen. How strong is he? Just like the current Guo Degang.

Chang Baozhang, whose stage name is “Little Mushroom,” was a teacher at the age of 9 when he was a teacher. Zhang Shenghen said his style was very smooth and humorous. In any case, he is one of a kind, and many fans are very strong.

In the Japanese puppet period, the “Lord” dared to ridicule the cross-talk between the Japanese and the pseudo-reactionary rulers: “A bag with toothpaste” and “Bridge tickets”. He was later beaten and beaten. After his release, he was forced to tempt a cross-talk about the Communist Party, but refused. After the founding of New China, he actively participated in the cultural work. In 1951, he died on the stage of condolences at the front of the war to resist the aggression and assistance of the United States, and was persecuted as a martyr. He was 29 years old.

    When Chiang Baozhen was at the forefront of the DPRK. When Chiang Baozhen was at the forefront of the DPRK.

In addition to Tran Baozhen, there are also a group of craftsmen in the regular Xiangshenjie family, such as Chang Baohua from the cattle group, Chang Baozhan, the heir to the intangible cultural heritage, and Chang Baofeng, Go Degan's education teacher.

In addition to “someone,” Chang’s other contribution to cross-talk is the creation of the Zeeming Tea House.

    Chang Lian'an spoke at the Ziming tea house. Chang Lian'an spoke at the Ziming tea house.

Qiming Tea House has been in Beijing for 10 years from 1939 to 1948. This is the earliest professional cross-talk team in Beijing. In the midst of a fire, 20 comedians are performed here. Masters such as Liu Baoru and Guo Quanbao, who are called the “Deyun Society”, were present here.

In the Teeming Tea House, founder Chang Lian'an made three rules: first, to say the whole paragraph, to wear a long dress, and second, to say that the way to life must be standardized, thirdly, to clear the cross-talk, not to say that women Children can not listen.

It is because of these three rules that many people believe that Qiming Tea House is the earliest standardized and standardized team in cross negotiations that is six to seven years earlier than Deyun.

Some people say that the development of cross talk cannot be separated from the house, and the loud ZTE cannot be separated from Go Degan. And between Zhang Jia and Guo Degan, in fact, they are inextricably linked.

At the time, 9-year-old Guo Degan was also called Guo Dagang, and he was obsessed with the art of cross-talk. His father invited him to visit his usual family. Chang Baofeng saw that he had a good foundation, and he taught cross communication skills. Although there is no official student, Chang Baofeng is also a teacher of Guo Degan’s comic dialogue.

    Chang Baofeng Chang Baofeng

As for Chang Baohua, holding or advancing on Gogo Degan, it is also a kind of spur for Guo Gogang. Guo Degang once said publicly that Chang Baohua is "the first person to keep himself." For the home, Guo Degang also respects his heart a little.

    Chang Baohua (left) and Go Degang Chang Baohua (left) and Go Degang

Chan Guitian, who has just passed away, is not only the usual grandson of his parents (the son of Chan Baozhan), but also an instructor to the teacher Gogong Hou Yaouen.

Chang Guitian studied at Zhao Peiru. In 1958 he entered the military-political department of the Cultural-Artistic Troup of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, he was a self-made and creative person. He created “The Sound of the Trumpet”, “Investigation of Strength”, “I wish you success”, etc. Good work that is familiar to you.

    Chang guitian Chang guitian

In the traditional world of art, Chang, the “good hand,” such as Chang Guitian, is already a famous family. On the scene of the modern comedy, the Chang family also takes place.

In May 2018, the opening ceremony of Chang’s comic dialogue and famous national comics took place in Tianjin. In addition to several generations of students and Jiang Kun, Feng Gong, Yang Shaohua, Shi Fukuan, Li Jindu and other famous comic strip artists on stage, the most attractive remains debut.

You don't know the name Chan Chan, but you may be familiar with the “Muslim” Meng Tetsyao in “Charlotte Trouble”. The happy raspy signing actor is the fourth generation of the grandson of Mr. Chan Baohua and the comedy of Chang.

    Zhang Yuan plays Meng Tejiao in Charlotte Bed. Zhang Yuan plays Meng Tejiao in Charlotte Bed.

Chang Yuan once said in an interview: “My grandfather’s criticism is more than encouraging. (I) I'm afraid of my grandfather, I would prefer to go to the disco to have a cross talk. ” Strict and high standards of comic art have existed for several decades. At the insistence of the day, it is integrated into the blood of an ordinary family.

The careful audience still remembers that Zhang Yuan tied Chang Baohua in the interactive interview section of the third season of “Happy Comedy”. At that time, Guo Degang on the stage was also called the “master”. When asked if he wanted to go on the stage of “Happy Comedy” for his grandson Chang Yuan, Mr. Chang Baohua said “good” to blow up the audience! Later, Chang Baohua played the role of Chang Yuan's Road to Comedy, which was highly praised by the media and the spontaneous Amway network users.

    Chang Yuan (left) and his grandfather Chang Baohua are on the same stage. Chang Yuan (left) and his grandfather Chang Baohua are on the same stage.

I don't know if she is going to open the church in the sky. In 2018 many popular artists passed. ,,,,, As the peak of the Dayun Society said this morning:

“2018 Hurry! Mr. Chang is good! ”

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