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Another famous coach left, can we still enjoy the game and enjoy watching the ball? – Lippi, read, this is national football, foreign teachers – Qianjiang Evening News

2019-01-31 04:41:45 Source: Qianjiang Evening News

Yesterday, many fans saw the scene where Lippi went on video. There are not so many passengers, and the departure lounge of Baiyun Airport looks very empty. Next to Lippi there is only one assistant coach, one translator. Local fans had to leave, Lippi refused, the reporter wanted to interview, and Lippi refused.

Many fans are soft: the Chinese team played too badly, and the defeat was too ugly, so Lippi was too impersonal, and that upset Linpi. Older people over 70, have gone so far, good fans, and even feel they feel sorry for Lippi.

What is football? What is magic in football? Chinese fans and old italian who are not relatives, what binds them? Why does football have so much magical power to teach life and death? After the defeat of the Iranian team, Zheng Zhi burst into tears on the spot, which was heartbreaking.

After decades of watching football, I was more and more afraid to watch it. Not afraid to see the loss, but afraid to see the state of the player during the game, can be described in one word: tight. The so-called closeness lies in the fact that it does not stretch and is not free: it seems that playing football is not a pleasure, but a crime. Who wants to save money and find time to see a crime?

A man wants to play because he likes to play. Generally speaking, sports (industry) often enjoy sports (industry), and talents and talents are a kind of enjoyment, they are first-class in the industry, they are respected and even worshiped. Glory There is competition in glory. The competition has increased the complexity and enjoyment of the sport, attracting more and more fans, and it has become a sports project. Every major event is a celebration of fans. When players and viewers are fully occupied, this is a moment of high emotional concentration and the most powerful moment of happiness. From the point of view of social management, this is also a moment of social harmony.

However, when the sport becomes an industry, a large crowd and funds are collected and, finally, are included in the social management system, appeals also occur outside of football, and some people want to get something other than football. If this appeal is contrary to the direction of football, the pain will be made. The most basic manifestation is isolation and conflict between people, and the result must be deterioration and the smell of sports.

Since the beginning of 1992, when Schradner was invited, after Horton, Mila, Alikhan, Camacho … before Lippi, the national football team invited 7 foreign teachers in 27 years. The salary of foreign teachers is getting higher and higher, while the performance of the Chinese team has not improved simultaneously. Today, the prophecy of Phan Zhiyu must become a reality: if it continues, even Vietnam cannot play. Every time you ask a foreign teacher, the task is very clear: to get to the World Cup and other major events. Blow failed, change again. Hao Haidong said that every time he told the Chinese Football Association that he should not change, he could not change, because, due to his playing style, the formation of a tactical style does not bring success in the short term.

Hao Haidong wants to improve the level of football and the level of maturity of football culture. Hao Haidong wants to make football football, at least football looks like football. Decision makers want immediate achievement, that is, their own achievements. Football is no longer football, it is a step under the feet of some people. The things you want to football are different, and the methods of management are different. Professional people do professional things, work slowly, without this patience. In the end, a football match is no longer a celebration for fans, but torture: managing sports distorts sports culture, and the player’s psychology is also distorted.

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