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Andy Lau cancels the concert, fans: I can understand, but I will not go next time – information without worries

On the evening of December 28, the famous artist Andy Lau held a concert in the Hong Kong Red Pavilion. After singing three songs, he had problems with discomfort in the throat. He had no choice but to announce the end of the concert and say that he would do his best. Reimbursement efforts have been announced.

At the concert, Andy Lau said that the doctor advised him not to sing, but he really could not stand the stage and did not want to let the fans down. So he insisted on opening the concert, but now he cannot hold him, so he can only finish. Fans bought tickets, but heard only 3 songs, which disappointed many. There was even female powder that flew from Taiwan to Hong Kong to see female powder. She exploded in the air and was very aware of Andy Lau’s decision. Very warm heart.

In addition to this female fan, there are actually a lot of fans who come from all over the world to watch the concert, because Andy Lau's charm is too popular, so the bull broke many tickets. There are not many fans who can sell the original price of the ticket. If you want to return a ticket, fans will lose a certain amount of money. Not only that, but the cost of flying a plane from other places to Hong Kong is also a sum of money.

For example, according to Taiwanese media reports, Miss Zhao from New York said she needed more than 10 hours to fly to Hong Kong. I did not expect to face this situation. She admitted that she was somewhat disappointed, but she saw that the idols are so harsh and well understood. However, she said she spent $ 600 (more than 4,000 yuan) and bought a ticket for 580 Hong Kong dollars (500 yuan). It is not intended to return a ticket and will no longer be next time.

In fact, the cancellation of the Andy Lau concert is also a decision that cannot be made. After all, letting a 50-year-old man crying on stage is definitely the reason. If he cannot persevere, he will face such an end. According to the character of Andy Lau, he can insist on certain actions. He will stick with him because Liu Dehua is famous for his love for fans and finally hopes that Andy Lau will soon be able to recover.

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