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A new feature of the animation “Green Monster Grinch” is just a daily social fear – European and American comics – cnBeta.COM

On December 14, the animated comedy film “Green Monster Grinch”, created by Lighting Entertainment and Universal Pictures, will be officially presented at the cinema.Today's film, released specifically for The Bear, Volume Blessing, Benedict Kamberbach, said that the character is a strange, sensitive Greenwich who can make everyone resonate.


"Tom" for the voice of Grinch

In the last issue of the special series, the main creative film of the film organized the Tucao conference, sharply commented on Grinch’s strange character, highlighting his funny people more, his various tricks are full of funny atmosphere, “Syun Darren” at first glance, This contrasts strongly with the other side of Grinch, “not approaching life, ”and this is also one of the important reasons for his sympathy.

Another reason why the Grinch is so popular is that he doesn’t like the excitement and even the determination to steal the rebellious attitude of Christmas, so that people who sometimes fall into the social pressure of modern society feel the same feelings, even blessings can’t help but sigh: "Every Faces will replace itself so that the Grinch resonates." Especially in the face of a lively festive atmosphere, Grange, who is poisonous and runs away, prefers to show rebellious emotions to the greatest extent, as if there are countless people who want to "breathe" in excitement, as filmmakers said, We can all "see ourselves from Grinch."

The Green Monster Grinch tells the story of the Grinch, who lives alone in the Green Cave. Because of his dissatisfaction, the city of Huh will hold an unprecedented grand Christmas holiday and uses various tricks to steal the Christmas story. In an atmosphere of joy and warmth, the film created a strange and strange image of Grinch. The first weekend of the film in North America was more than 66 million dollars at the box office, the highest for the week, and today it has reached more than 217 million dollars worldwide.

Green Monster Grinch is the eighth animated film created by Lighting Entertainment and Universal Pictures. Both of the previous films have achieved a good box office and word of mouth. "Stolen Dad 3" in the world. He won more than $ 1.034 billion at the box office, and his Little Yellow Man became a phenomenal animated character, Love Pet Secret, broke the record of the original North American film. The film was created on the original Daddy Daddy series, and the producer remains Lighting Entertainment founder Chris Meredon Dérui.

Green Monster Grinch was built thanks to entertainment and Universal Pictures of the United States, and will be released on December 14, 2018 in main theaters in mainland China.

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