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“You must have a state policy of comprehensive sex education, which starts at an early age”

Over 40% of gay people use condoms intermittently. This is part of the findings of the first survey on the behavior of men who have sex with men. This study aims to be the basis for developing safe sexual practices for HIV prevention.

On this issue, the leader of the Movement for Integration and Homosexual Liberation (Movilh), Rolando Jimenez, said that for more than a year they have been working in the field of building an HIV zone, which is responsible for preventing and supporting those who live with evil. "We realized that among young homosexuals who came to the office to ask for support and guidance, there was a high prevalence, and that it was a growing problem, and we needed to get information about the sexual practices of young people aged 15 to 29 therefore, a survey was conducted in which more than 1,200 people took part, ”he said.

And the results were impressive: 40% use a condom intermittently, and the age of sexual debut among gay men is approaching. “We realized that in a place where children receive information about safe sex practices, there is a huge shortage. This reinforces the need for a state policy of comprehensive sex education, which begins at an early age, ”he added.

Jimenez argues that there is a low risk perception, because the treatment made him a chronic disease, so fear was lost, which allowed the virus to continue to multiply. Through these studies, they seek to improve their strategies for influencing safer sex practices.

Among other issues, the need to develop a protocol regulating the use of PrEP tablets (pre-exposure prophylaxis), which the state will supply in Chile from 2019 to prevent the spread of the virus, was considered. This may reduce the likelihood of infection by more than 90% if taken daily. Consequently, there must be a protocol that guides people about its real consequences and encourages them to give preference to safer sex practices, since the idea is not that the tablet causes relaxation.

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