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What are and how are the pills that prevent HIV infection and Minsal in 2019

The “Knowledge is Power” report showed that Chile is one of the 10 countries in the world with the largest number of HIV / AIDS cases.

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Faced with this alarming takeoff, Ministry of Health care announced that from the first quarter of 2019 it will be delivered to is free pills Pre-exposure prophylaxis (DCT).

Cities like London, San Francisco and New York have registered low in their cases of infection because of achieving PrEP, according to a BBC report.

Daily consumption of this tablet can reduce more than 90% contracting opportunities HIV through sex and 70% for use non-sterile needles or used in several people, according to a study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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World Health Organization (WHO) recommends using it for three years after Gilead Scienes pharmaceutical company in the United States began selling it under the brand. Truvada,

In Chile, the value of PrEP varies from From $ 399,050 to $ 447,630 monthly but from the first quarter of 2019 the government will distribute it for free as part of National HIV / AIDS Plan.

According to the Ministry of Health, the pills will be given to those who negative in testswho has sex without protectionthose who had more than one pair in the last six months, there is a couple with HIV and without treatment, those who contracted ETS last year or who exercise sex trade,

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Side effects

Among the side effects that a medicine can cause are nausea, indigestion, headaches and as a last resort accumulation of lactic acid in the blood, therefore, experts recommend using it only in people who are at clear risk of contracting HIV.

For people who suffer Hepatitis B they must be especially careful as soon as they begin treatment and that interrupt, probably, hepatitis worsens,

On the other hand, in case of the beginning of consumption, it is necessary to make sure that patient has no virus and present good condition in their kidneys and liver, as it can cause frustration in these organs.

PrEP contains two antiretroviral drugs: emtricitabine and tenofovir, those that have time to reduce the amount of virus in the blood, preventing its reproduction. It's necessary daily consumption present in the blood during infection and prevent the establishment of HIV in the body,

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It should be noted that this medicine does not protect against other diseases sexual transmission like gonorrhea, syphilis or genital herpesso that at the time of the onset of sexual relations other preventive methods must be accompanied, such as condom use and periodic implementation HIV test,

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