Monday , November 18 2019
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“What a pity that you can't keep him alone”

"Everyone on the street saw my former partner mistreating me psychologically and physically." Yanina Halabi recalled how, some time ago in her Instagram account, her tormenting relationship with Patricio Laguna ended in a ruling in 2018 in favor of his two-child education.

Halabi returned to the topic on the social network and published an article that said: “Sorry for my release … but it can not be more than Marikon, the father of my children, who does not allow them to talk to me well and asks for my pension. .. What a pity that he cannot be alone, that he wants to take money from me. "

Then the animator posted a new photo in the same line as the previous message “Work to pay bills to my ex-husband and my children. Let's go, – he wrote.

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