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Water, water! Intendencia reports that only one New Year's party is allowed in Santiago

Just four days after the end of 2018, only one New Year's party is allowed in Santiago. This is one of almost thirty mass events and pyrotechnic shows, as indicated by the “Intensity of Santiago”.

It was Carla Rubilar herself who indicated that "we received a request for 10 mass events that are in process, and that over the next few days we have to provide answers, we already have the first authorized party, which is La Granja".

This event will take place on Saturday, December 29, at 11:30 pm in the street sector of Magno in the Park of Brazil and will be devoted to the launch of fireworks. This is the first of about twenty such events, which in the pyrotechnic part must be authorized by Carabineros.

“In the case of pyrotechnic shows, authorization is not carried out by Intention, but by OS11 Carabineros, and 22 requests were received. We hope to be able to report as soon as possible what pyrotechnic events are, ”said Rubilar.


In any case, in order not to spoil the party for those who want to dismiss in the near future in this year 2018, Rubilar indicated that they themselves had set a deadline for the delivery of news.

“We ourselves set the deadline on Saturday to report permits or refusals so that citizens could buy information, and we don’t have episodes like the ones we experienced in previous years when the parties were sold and suspended on the same day the mayor added.


In Santiago, in addition to the Entel tower, other points are the National Stadium in Unyoa; Renca Hill, where Quilikura and the former commune, "carrying it", will unite to surprise their neighbors with pyrotechnics; San Jose de Maria Park in Vitacura; and Chilinidad Park in Lo Barnechea.

La Cisterna, Las Condes, San Bernardo, Huechuraba, Providencia and Pudahuel will also have their own shows.

Already outside the region are the Lamps, which will use their crescent as a starting point; Colin, who will do the same in Cerro Komayko, and in Peñaflora, he will do the same on his parade ground.

The remaining requests correspond to private events.

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