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Viña del Mar: McDonalds investigated for possible contamination by bacteria that hospitalized the girl | National

Under the investigation of Cemi de Salud, there is a McDonald & # 39; s shop located in Espacio Urbano in Viña del Mar for a possible connection of a fast-food restaurant chain with intoxication from eating food that has affected a minor.

The investigation was reported by the head of the government agency, Francisco Alvarez, in connection with the case of a seven-year-old girl who would eat food in poor condition on the premises on 15th street in the north.

Because of the intake I would get a bacterium this caused problems with her kidneys, as they had to go to the intensive care unit of the Ciudad del Mar clinic, where they reported what had happened.

Considering this, the health authority confirmed that the vicinity of the premises had been inspected and samples were taken. All of them They were sent to the public health institutewhere it will be established whether there is a connection between a known chain and bacteria that infect the child.


Because McDonald's said that they were not notified of any violations or received an official complaint against this situation. They also indicated that their premises are regularly inspected by health authorities.

More cases

In addition to the minor’s position, other cases are added: six outbreaks of food poisoning this year. Before these episodes More than 22 medical certificates were delivered to restaurants throughout the Valparaiso region.as Alvarez said.


The health authority indicated that people should always prefer to eat in established establishments, also indicating that The first customers are the customers themselves who consume food in the local market.

Also on this day, a series of inspections was carried out in restaurants in Viña del Mar, where no irregularities were recorded. Despite this, recommendations were made regarding the processing and preservation of food.

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