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Ventisqueros Denies Salmon Leakage After Sernapesca Charge | National

Company Venkteros reported that on this Wednesday the cultural center Tubilidad, located in the municipality of Kemchi, was affected by tidal shock and strong water flows This has resulted in damage to some of the cells and structures of the center.

However, The company said that so far no loss of units was found.

The above after the National Service of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Sernapeska) confirm new salmon sprout in the region of Los Lagos.

In fact, this fact would be detected by structural damage to one of the harvesting stands at the Ventisqueros Company plant, the center of crops in the Tubildad sector in Quemchi.

On the same line after a statement from the company reported that inspection reports were made with underwater robots "There was no damage or damage in networks of fishing nets in cages left for collection. ”

Those who, as indicated, preventively activated their emergency plans, speeding up the general harvest in the center of cultivation.

In addition, the letter states that they conduct observations in the immediate vicinity of the cells and the farmer center for any opportunity. Also adding that "At the moment, the company did not see the losses of the divisions."

Before any possible difference in units that can be checked, they mention in a statement that “this will be observed at the process plant, where a protocol has been set up for special counting of the assembled units”.

The company assured that “it maintains constant communication with the respective authors,” with the aim of act positively before this event to reassure people and society as a whole.

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