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US and UK suspect Huawei and its role in 5G

The 5G network is deploying on both sides of the Atlantic, and the role that Chinese technology companies can play in this process concerns both Washington and London. The administration of Donald Trump is the one that is moving forward with greater speed in this matter, with the order at the door of the furnace to prohibit American companies from purchasing Huawei and ZTE equipment.

Eight months will be spent on the development of the measure, which will be implemented in January, according to information provided to Reuters by two sources close to the White House. The order will be executed by the Department of Commerce and will be executed as a matter of urgency precisely because US operators are looking for partners at this particular moment to introduce the 5G network in the country.

Although the order based on the International Law on Emergency Economic Authorities is unlikely to be mentioned directly by Huawei or ZTE, trade officials are expected to interpret it as a permit to restrict the distribution of products produced by these two companies, because they are suspected act for Beijing, watching the Americans.

In the British case, he was Secretary of Defense, Gavin Williamson, who spoke on this issue. “I have serious and very deep concerns about Huawei, which provides the 5G network in the UK. This is something we should take a closer look at, "said Williamson, the local newspaper The Times reports.

This is the first time that the authorities of the United Kingdom (UK) express concern. “We need to look at what partners like Australia and the United States are doing to ensure maximum security of this 5G network, and we must recognize the fact that it was recently stated that the Chinese state sometimes acts in such a way that it is malignant. "

Despite the growing negative situation that Huawei is facing internationally, the Chinese giant predicts revenue of $ 108,500 million for 2018, which is 21% more than in the same period last year. "Regardless of how this difficult situation changes, our procurement strategy, especially with regard to suppliers from the United States, will not change," said the rotational director general of Huawei.

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