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Updates don't matter to me, I just want the phone to work well for me

Android pie

Currently, less than 0.1% of Android devices have an Android Pie, numbers showing how fragmentation in Android affects us very negatively. Android One in recent years has positioned itself for many as a lifesaver, since Two years of updates and three security updates were promised., Google removed information regarding two-year updates from its site, perhaps due to the poor performance that many manufacturers do with their ROMs – although they have already stated that, theoretically, they should keep these two years of updates -, As community members tech This type of news is interesting, but … what happens when we go down to the real world?

We wanted to check it. updates are important only for the most technologically advanced userswhile everything else ignores even which version gives life to your Android phone. Fragmentation is a security issue, but for practical purposes, ordinary users don’t worry too much about it. We chose Andro4all subscribers, on the one hand, to tell us our point of view about the updates. On the other hand, we chose not mobile usersto try to see if there is a difference between one type and another user.

The average user does not care about updates.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Ivan Medina is 22 years old, he is from Granada and still supports the Samsung Galaxy S7. With your permission, we get access to the terminal settings and still walking under the version of nougat 7.0, I do not know which Android has the truth, I do not know where it looks. I want the phone to work as long as possible, and little I have read about updates, this is what they make the phone waste a lot of battery and become slow., Ivan is a clear example of the damage caused to the Android image by some recent updates.and does not trust Samsung to improve the already unsatisfactory performance of its Galaxy S7.

He tells us that he has been with samsung for lifeand is updated only when required by the system. This one – the Galaxy S7 – was updated once, it sent me many warnings, and for this reason I answered yes. I did not notice any changes, and it works about the same, but it is already slightly off, and I do not believe that if I update it now, it will slow down. Other Samsung that I had, I did not update, and they did not give me too many problems.,

xiaomi redmi 3x

Antonio Kovacs lives in Malaga, he is 34 years old. He has a Xiaomi Redmi 4X, and although he keeps up with updates, disregard, When I go to buy a phone, the first thing I pay attention to is value for money. I heard about Xiaomi, and it seems that they are good. This is updated a lot, even too much, it always asks me to update, to improve, I don’t know what, I would prefer not to do that, Antonio is a reflection of how updates can be a nuisance to regular users.The various security fixes that have come to your Xiaomi seem to bring you little.

I think the updates are for you to end up buying another phone. I give it to you because it worries me that you have so many notifications on your phone, but I don’t think that so many updates are required for the phone to work properly.,

Honor 9

Elena Vasquez is a 19-year-old student from Madrid. He tells us that on the recommendation of the seller, he acquired his honor 9without knowing anything about their support. I was told in the store that this brand is the best they have, and the truth is that I really like the mobile phone. I did not ask for an update, because I do not understand about it. When I get the update, yes, I give it because I think it would be better, but if it was not updated, I would not mind, Elena is proud of her honor 9 and not holding back updatesActually I think they really help.

Yes, it is true that they had previously given me a Chinese phone that was never updated and worked fatally. I don't know because it was not updated or because the brand was bad, but it really works very well,

OnePlus 6T Case

Julia Castillo is a Grenadian 21 years old and has a OnePlus 3T. I inherited it from my brother, he told me that it was very fast, and it was updated a lot, but the truth is that I don’t really understand, Julia 3T has an Android 8, and she will get an Android Pie soon, I don’t care that the phone is updated, but I’m not going to buy a mobile phone because I don’t know what it is for. My brother tells me that this phone is more updated than all my friends, but it doesn’t matter to me, Julia doesn't seem to know about the monster that she has in her hands.Nor is it commendable that it turns out that the terminal, which appeared on the market with Android 6.0, will be updated to Pie 9.0.

An experienced user has them in mind.

Huawei P8 Lite

Esther Sanchez, from Madrid, 26 years old, tells us that, although this is a Huawei user and is not a decisive factor in the purchase, it takes into account updates, I am a user of Huawei, I do not use Android Pure, but yes, I would like to inform me about updates – either Android or EMUI – and possible new features / settings that will be,

When asked if you update as soon as the OTA arrives, you say “yes” to us, but take certain precautions.

I am always updated to try it for myself, and even if I'm not going to get to my phone, I like to know what it is cooking. This is not what I pay attention to when buying, I prefer a good battery, screen and camera., Esther is considered a "junkie update", and this although it uses the middle range and may not always use the latest versionStay tuned for ROM updates and new startup programs to test your device’s new features. I usually try to get root, try a ROM or a startup program to see what new features I can have on my phone. In short, I'm in updates-dependent!

Xiaomi Mi A1 updates

Sebas Andreu Diaz, 23-year-old boy from Murcia, tells us Your dissatisfaction with updates on Android, Updates would seem to me to be correct if it were done, as in iOS, depending on which manufacturer Google releases the version for this smartphone sooner or later, usually the first brands get it first, Sebas seems to know the job updates on Androidand chose Xiaomi Mi A1 in anticipation of a good update rate. The Android One theme was bitter to the taste, because we were expecting something else – I have the Xiaomi Mi A1, and it was updated to Android Pie in December,

Sebas tells us that he is an Android Puro lover and that he faithfully informs himself before buying a phone to find out how it works and what its support is.

I pay attention to everything to buy a phone. I look at 1000 reviews, reviews, reviews, comparisons … I’ll say already, I'm a fan of Android and Pure Android even more, With his answer, we have a clear point of view from the advanced user.That even bets on average rates think about long-term updates.

Pixel google case

Enrique Ortiz, from Madrid, 19, he tells us that it is important for him that the terminal is updated when you buy itand that, as soon as the OTA arrives, it is updated without hesitation. When I get an update, try to let me know before updating, but sometimes it’s true that I give it directly, but I always read first that it will be updated, because I like to get information about which version of Android has a phone. When I go to buy a phone, I try to be the latest version of Android, if I am interested in users who have spoken on this version.,

Enrique tells us that although he updates whenever he can, it may sometimes be better to wait for the update, because depending on whether the version is larger or smaller, the wait time is better understood.

I think that depending on what kind of update we say, it is appropriate or not, because there are some points that can be expected – manufacturers – and put the update, even if we have to wait longer. Enrique seems clear that sometimes big late updates are better than small updates that make small contributions.,

Oneplus 6T

Emmanuel Gonzalez is 29 years old and lives in Barcelona. He tells us that he has a Google Pixel 2 XL, and that one of the things that made him buy this update, One of the things that made me choose it was the frequency with which updates and responsiveness come, so now you can get an idea of ​​the value I give them. The truth is that before upgrading, I never look at the changes it brings.

Emmanuel updates as soon as OTA arrives. It seems he was born to live with Google terminals throughout his life.

Seriously updated and once updated, I go and look for a new thing that can bring. I always like the latest changes. Enmmanuel chose Pixel 2 XL to upgradeand it seems that he has achieved this.

OnePlus 5G filters its possible design into an image.

Julio Feleza is 25 years old, he lives in Zaragoza and has OnePlus X, which still stands. I think this is one of the most important parts of the phone today, both for security and for new features. My phone is OnePlus X, so the updates that I had — two, if I remember correctly — came later than other phones.

Although the OnePlus X was updated somewhat irregularly, Julio wants to continue betting on Android Puro and is already thinking of updating its terminal for Xiaomi Mi A2.

As for whether I will check for updates before buying the phone … I laid eyes on the Xiaomi Mi A2 specifically for Android One and two years of its guaranteed updates. Maybe the news that Android One will not have two years updates Guaranteed to feel like a cold water jugBut we fully share your point of view.

Two different worlds

Xiaomi Play, cameras and colors

It seems obvious – although the server already had some idea based on several SEO views – that updates are not important for most users, The stigma that if we update a mobile phone, it will work worse, is still present, and those who are not afraid updates They seem to be not very friendly to the constant warnings that our operating system sends to update, and they complete the update almost on an obligation. Improvements in performance and interface are not even felt, and the user cannot appreciate the work that has been done with this update.

On the other hand, the minimal part of users told us that updates are important to themand this can be a decisive factor when purchasing. These users are part of a minority that is daily informed about the news of the technological world, and that they know about the improvements that can bring our phone to the latest version of Android. Two different worlds that seem to explain why some manufacturers are so free with time updatesomething that does not affect the sales or perception of the average user about the company.

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