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U reopens the choice of Epsonson Soteldo and clarifies the reinforcement situation for 2019.

Blue Blue lives in difficult days to fit the campus of Chile. before the start of the preseason 2019, the next January 3, ThursdayAs they promised the technician Frank Koudelka, the idea was to start the first jobs of the year with a team already established, but conversation for possible signatures They made this task very difficult.

As part of this scenario and in the midst of administrative changes at the club, several atypical statements were made at Centro Deportivo Azul that did not clarify the situation with reinforcements for the following year. For example, in his speech as a concessionaire’s sports manager, Sabino Aguad ruled out the continuity of Jefferson Sotheldo, but on Thursday he admitted that they again insisted that Huachipato continue El Chamo.

“The numbers in the Soteldo case are very far, it will not continue, we did everything possible to keep it”said Aguad last week. Now, this Thursday and seven days after the first statement, he indicated thatIf the conditions had been met, we would have been through Epherson. We prefer to wait, because there is also the problem of the economic part, the number of foreigners, but it has improved to become an alternative. ”

In the same vein, Aguad says that they do not have a clear plan for the amount or who will be concrete reinforcements that will reach U, given the difficult negotiations that they conducted on this summer transfer market.

"We have no time limits, we have only ideals and this is Thursday 3 (with full campus), but we understand that it will be difficult. Most will be 3, but one or two players will be absent, it depends on how we move How many do we think we will come? At least six Between six and ten. We do not have the exact number, because this is not recorded, ”said the new sports manager.

On the other hand and on Koudelka’s alleged dissatisfaction with his contract in u, aguad indicated that "This is a topic that we did not discuss either among ourselves, or in the football committee, or at a meeting of the board of directors. We have to wait until the end of his contract, all parties will be satisfied, and we think that everything will be fine with us, so let's wait until the end of the contract in May. ”

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