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U fired Felipe More and clarified the version of Manuel Iturra: "We have no room for foreigners, our range is closed"

University of Chile He finished his dismal first half of the 2019 season, qualifying for the second round of the current Copa Chile. Blues struggles to descend in the national championship and can hardly eliminate the Rangers from the cup. Faced with this scenario, Azul Azul leadership is quickly working to bring reinforcements to help get out of the dark football reality in which the club lives.

With this as a background, names like Manuel Iturra, Felipe Mora, Leonardo Valencia and Francisco Silva They played to get to the club, but with different real options for wearing a t-shirt in the second semester. The only common denominator that applies between them is their position as Chileans, since there are no quotas for foreigners.

"Manuel Iturra is one of the names that we have in the folder and if so, it’s because we don’t have the opportunity to hire foreigners, we don’t have a place, so our range is very closed. Some of them are free, others have the opportunity to get a loan for six months. Others who left are unavailable, Felipe Mora It is impossible for us, it earns a million dollars a year, but we do not have how. We are looking for Chilean players who want to come for six months and meet a strict budget, ”said sports director Rodrigo Goldberg.

"Francisco Silva This is one of the names that appeared and can be, but I want to clarify something, because I see press reports, and they say that U looks at … and it turns out that they send us names, we do not ask themWhen a value judgment is made as to why we look at it, they tell us how we think about looking at it, and we did not even ask about it. LandOnardo Valencia – it's hard“Because it is expensive and not in the profiles we are looking for,” he added.


Considering that the blue ones were played out in round 16 against the key winner between Deportes Temuco and Huachipato, the Pole said that it would be difficult for any team to face because of the situation in which the laity are. In addition, he referred to the version of the Chile national team coach to 17 years old, Hernan Caputto, takes over as head of the lower divisions of U,

"In a situation in which we are today, we cannot talk about a favorable lottery or not, for us all the rivals are Real Madrid."Everything is very difficult. For me, all matches will be a struggle and extremely difficult. We face this with the same attitude as if he had touched Kolo Kolo, and mental planning did not change at all, "said Goldberg.

As for the future head of the lower ones, the director warned that "we have three candidates, we interviewed three of them, and they sent us their sports project, we will make a decision in due time."

You will have holidays until June 24th. Meanwhile, the university’s leadership will do everything possible to forget about the difficult moment when the blues lives with reinforcements, which gives them the opportunity to leave behind the dark recent past. Midfield and front are priorities.

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