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Trump is preparing for the next step against Huawei and ZTE

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The trade war between China and the United States will leave us with a new chapter with many obstacles for Huawei and ZTE in the northern country.

This is because if this were not enough, if we had just stepped out of the Meng Wanzhou affair, now Donald Trump has fresh ink in his pen to issue a new ban on Chinese brands.

According to Bloomberg, an order will be issued prohibiting operators from using Huawei and ZTE hardware, all in the context of the powers granted to the presidency in “country emergency situations”, which is what they want to resort to in this case.

According to the source, it will ban the use of devices of these brands in American land, where there are many rural operators who use parts of these Chinese brands to be cheaper.

According to reports that have become quite obvious, the US government is firmly convinced that these are spyware brands for China and that citizens are being exposed. Everything was repeatedly denied by both brands.

Only today from Huawei made statements from Ken Hu, the current president of the company, we leave them in full:

Security is our top priority and surpasses everything else. The revolving president was open to the question of the possible construction of cybersecurity assessment centers in places such as the United States and Australia, noting that existing centers in the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany solve and mitigate possible problems. Huawei has been subjected to the strictest checks and assessments by regulators and consumers, understanding their problems and wanting to solve them. However, no evidence indicates that our equipment is a safety hazard.

Hu reminded participants that the Chinese Foreign Ministry officially explained that no law required companies to install mandatory rear doors, and noted that there are contextual laws that set restrictions that ensure that companies act in accordance with legal standards. In addition, Ken Hu pointed out that Chinese laws are similar to US laws, which also include the involvement of the private sector in the prevention of terrorism and the promotion of cyber security.

Huawei remains open to understanding the issues associated with its openness, transparency and independence, as well as dialogue about them. Hu Jintao said that if there is evidence or evidence of these fears, the governments that have them could share them with telecom operators, even if they did not show Huawei or the general public. However, nothing was presented.

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