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Total house arrest of five detainees for assaulting police officers

Five of the seven detainees for the aggression that Carabinieri officials suffered this afternoon in Paseo Ahumada were subjected to the precautionary measure of complete house arrestafter registration.

After Intendancy will complain about frustrated killing of carabinieri, abuse of carabineer work and civil unrestone of the defendants was warned, and the other was released with a warning monthly signature for psychological problems.

Mary Magdalena RiveraThe Public Defender’s lawyer explained that “the court did not lead to a demand for preventive measures in the form of a preventive prison for all imputed adults and a temporary internship for imputed adolescents, but unfortunately the law, the short agenda authorizes the state ministry so that it appeals orally, therefore they remain in the custody of the gendarmerie until the Court confirms or reverses the situation with the requested precaution. "

Meanwhile, Metropolitan, Carla Rubilarappreciated the precautions and assured that all those responsible for the attack would be sought.

“There are other people in these images that we should be able to bring to the court, and we will continue to look for them until we find the last person who participated in this terrible attack on the Carabinieri.”said the regional chief.

“I also want to evaluate the statements of Consuelo Contreras, director of INDH, who said that this was an encroachment on the rule of law,” added Rubilar.

The Office of the Prosecutor attempted to accuse the detainees of the attempted murder of Carabiner, which was rejected by the court, although, according to the lawyer of the Ministry of the Interior, Etalo Leon, still not out.

“Examination of something so complex that at the hearings on the control of detention, as indicated by the magistrate, is murderous intent, it is quite difficult, it was an option, but it is possible that it would be upset by the murder, which is determined in the final score test, ”he stressed.

The deadline for 90 days of investigation was announced.while police officers continue to conduct trials to find those responsible for the attack, who left the official hospitalized in Carabineros hospital.

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