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Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch 2018 Games

Like every year, it’s time to review the best games we have enjoyed in the last 365 days. We do it with the PS4, we do it with the Xbox One and, of course, we do it with a small Nintendo switch, Small, in addition to its size (compared to the other two), in order to be the youngest: 2018 was the second year of the Nintendo Switch, after the first, which would be difficult to qualify as less brilliant. In the end, not every year there are works of such a level as Zelda and Mario, and both are of excellent quality.

Top 20 Nintendo Switch Games

So what was Top Nintendo Switch Games in 2018 for hobby consoles? We return to the format top 10 to uncover it, compile and organize the list in accordance with the estimate that the games received on our webpage / in the magazine, regardless of whether they are exclusive or multiplatform. What do you think of the result? You think that Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games Was it better than last year or worse? What do you expect from 2019? Tell us in the comments.

10. Pokemon: Come on, Pikachu! Pokemon: Let's go, Eve!

The first Pokémon game that reached the Nintendo Switch was one of the most special, first, changing the aspects that remained the same, from red and blue, like random encounters or a capture system to bring them closer to it. mass phenomenon. But, above all, Pokemon: Come on, Pikachu! and pokemon: let's go, Eve! they stand out because they are remakes of Yellow Pokemon … which means a nostalgic journey that is hard to give upAnd a great opportunity to start a franchise.

Analysis of Pokemon: Let's go, Pikachu! and evi! for Nintendo Switch

9. Generation of monster hunters

Fans of the giant animal hunt enjoyed Monster Hunter World this year, but the Nintendo Switch did not exhaust the Rathalos meat ration. Monster Hunter Generations, one of the best parts of the saga for 3DS, there was an improved version called Monster Hunter XS … Although only in Japan. This version, further enhanced and updated with a high-resolution graphics section, is what has come to the Nintendo Switch called the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. More certain can not be, it is clear.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Analysis for Nintendo Switch

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