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Tonka is excited about killing a man on the way to work. Glamoram

The author: S. Z. / December 27, 2018

Matthias Barros asks for justice for his father Elias. On the morning of December 26, after Christmas, a group of criminals approached a 58-year-old man and stabbed him to rob him.

According to the details of the morning greetings, the crime occurred in the sector of the Cube with Viel in Santiago Centro, when Barros was going to work as an assistant. After the robbery, the man was urgently sent to the former Central Post, where he died in the morning.

Police later confirmed that the incident was part of a series of attacks in this sector and that an undocumented Colombian citizen, 19 years old, was arrested as a suspect. In his backpack he carried objects from one of the victims.

In connection with the morning of Channel 13, Matias Barros called for justice:

Matthias Barros: “I have a lot of pain … I don't want to be left alone. To overcome this, I will not give to anyone. And I want this to happen so that people see the damage that a person who has no documents can cause, he came, he drove into this country and killed my father like nothing. ”

Tonka Tomichik: “Give you condolences. We are very impressed with hearing you. It’s sad that you took your father like that. It’s obvious that he was a super good person. A good person who didn’t deserve it, neither you nor your family. sorry. I'm sorry (speaks in a broken voice)

Barros: “He went to work like a normal day, after Christmas. We had a very good Christmas. And the next day I was not there anymore.

Thin: “Strength and your courage to be here today, because I imagine how difficult it must be, but what motivates you is so great that you even have us this morning. It is really impossible that it does not reach the heart. You want to make it visible, you want justice to triumph. And for that you this morning

Barros: “I want this man not to leave. This is a danger to society. You can do the same with any other parent, or mother, or child, and leave the family destroyed by several pesos. I still don't believe it. "

Thin: "You are super young, Matthias. How old are you?

Barros: "I am 24 years old"

Thin: "Are you an only child or do you have more brothers and sisters?"

Barros: "I have a sister and my old lady. My sister is 35 years old

Thin: "You are with your mom. I think you will be responsible for your mom.

Barros: "Obviously, I'm not going to leave her alone."

Thin: “It cannot be. It cannot be that an honest person would go to work in the morning and thus give him life. It cannot be, it cannot be, that this happens in Chile. We have to rebel against it. We cannot live. That's what going on with me. That's why I move so much. I feel that this should not be, as Mauricio (Jürgensen), of a different number says. We have to rebel against it.

“It is impossible for a person to walk at six in the morning and win honestly, like a man like us, who feels good at home, a citizen, walking, working and what to pass on to it? No

Then they talked to Maria Soto, the wife of the deceased.

Maria Soto: “I have pain, the feeling of a husband that it is gone. They took it from me. He was a very good man, from his home, responsible for his work, he came at that time, he was very worried. He was at all times. How can I not feel this way? Inside, I'm devastated. What I have is very big. My husband left me … I'm sorry, I'm angry!

“A room for six came out, and at six they took his life. When I went to look at it, it was already very bad … The fact that the government is worried that these murders do not happen "

Thin: “Mrs. Maria lives in a difficult situation. We do not want to bother you. He has a bad time. I understand that he wanted to talk to us. If you want to be calmer elsewhere or want to stay, you have the freedom to choose, but we do not want to put pressure on it. ”

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Thin: “What are we doing to really shake ourselves up?” Because, of course, we are excited, we tremble, and people are sore. But tomorrow is the day. How do we transform and move towards something that changes things? "

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