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This is the program that returns Raphael Araneda to Quint Vergara

Sitting in one of the Fox offices in Vitacura, Rafael Araneda says that "I was never bothered by the fact that I was a new bird, I was several times." And it shows. The animator feels comfortable in his new television house and says that during this year he will lead several projects at Fox Networks Group, but the starting point will be La previa, a new satellite program that is preparing the chain for Viña 2019, the first Festival to be broadcast next to TVN and channel 13.

“During the Festival, very attractive things happened to the audience, which they never reported or passed on, and I think Fox understood this by watching the Festival at 360 degrees. We will transform in the showcase of places that were previously completely inaccessible, because many have no idea what is happening behind the scenes, in the corridors and behind the scenes. And we will be not only in Quinta, but also in hotels, in the crossings and movements of artists through the streets of Viña del Mar, without being aggressive. Everything will be friendly, but we want to be present in all places, ”he says of the place that will be broadcast between 20 and 21:30, from February 24 to March 1, by Fox for Chile. Meanwhile, Fox Life will set it up for the entire region.

In the Preview, Araneda will spend six days with the model and Colombian presenter Polina Vega in the same place where he has served as an animator for the event on the Chilevisión screen for eight years. Returning to Quinta Vergara from another path does not mean nostalgia, he says, “rather, it brings joy, fun, celebration and new opportunities. This is an opportunity to get to 60 million homes and a big problem. We have to do it well, because we have to be able to capture and show our Festival. ” And he continues: “Our task is to provide Vigne in her 60s with coverage at the regional level, which she did not have, and to do the previous one, which was never done.”

Both drivers will be in the set, but the main goal of the project is mobility, so they will have cameras of all kinds, located in different parts of the city, which will show different areas related to the Viña Festival, its artists, jury, public and animators. After each program starts at 21:00, the animator will be displayed on the screen for several minutes. “I understand that I was released after the first artist, but the program continues, and therefore we will make a recording with Camila Stewardo. 60 years deserve detailed coverage. We will establish connections at the moments required during the broadcast for the audience of the entire regional bloc. In this sense, if a commercial lasts 10 minutes, Fox & lt; s lasts four. We have six minutes so that our professionals can get access to some artists and what is happening right here. ”

No competition

Channel 13 and TVN are also preparing their satellite program Echale la culpa a Viña with Francisco Garcia-Widobro and Christian Sanchez from the Sheraton Miramar hotel. If you see competition in this space, Araneda clearly says: “I think these are completely different programs. What we are going to do was not yet visible, he has a different tone, a different rhythm, a different structure. It aims to influence the audience that is outside our borders, and therefore we need to make a more global, less local program. ” For the same reason, he says he came back to practice his neutral Spanish.

Leaving for a moment his new role in the assignment, Araneda admits that the day he expects the most is the Backstreet Boys. “Last year we tried to bring them, and it didn’t work. And not only that, Marcela (Vakaretstsa, his wife) slipped, and it turned out that they had come, and in the end we laughed at the situation, ”he recalls.

Meanwhile, Paulina Vega will arrive in Chile in the coming days and does not hide her enthusiasm, claiming that “the dream came true to present La previa in Vina, even more in the hands of Fox. Being part of the largest Latin festival in the world. It will be a unique and unforgettable experience. ”

Viña 2019 breaks sales records and ends two nights

Because of the reaction in social networks, some predicted a quick sale of tickets for the evening of the Backstreet Boys in Vina, scheduled for February 28. But quintet fans surpassed all expectations: after pre-selling tickets last Tuesday, which reached just a few minutes, the general sale for that day began yesterday, and the tickets were sold out in two hours. In fact, at some sales points in Viña del Mar, there were long lines to buy input (see Photo).

Meanwhile, the first evening of the competition, in which Visin and Jandel, Felipe Avello and Sebastian Jatra will take part, did the same in five hours. Both cases make up what the organization calls a “historical record,” since never before has the appointment been spent two days for so few hours. In general, tickets can still be purchased for the remaining nights (February 25, 26 and 27 and March 1) through the Puntoticket system.

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