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They show how much was the final amount that was reached in Telethon 2018 | TV and shows

The last time on November 31 and December 1 was the traditional Telethon, which this year experienced one of the most intense days. This is because only around midnight the goal of 32 billion pesos was achieved.

Although on Thursday the Telethon Foundation and Banco de Chile announced the total amount collected for the “27 hours of love” in this year 2018.

This crusade of solidarity, which for 40 years was aimed at children and young people with disabilities in order to achieve their comprehensive rehabilitation and integration into society, exceeded the target, and his final collection reached $ 37,954,551,757.

This figure includes the collection of money in auxiliary boxes and mailboxes, which were not taken into account when closing a television program, in addition to the formalization of other assessed contributions.

According to these figures, the contribution of people was 74.4%, and the contribution of companies was 25.6% of the total number collected, which indicates a constant commitment. According to Mario Kreuzberger, leader of the solidarity campaign "We are grateful for the support during these 40 years of solidarity campaign to make the needs of people with disabilities visible, and invite us to continue working for the next 40 years."

While executive director of Fundación Teletón Ximena Casarejos added “Chile continues to respond with pride and confidence to the Telethon call. This year, everyone has exceeded his goal, which encourages us to continue working to maintain the quality of service and rehabilitation of the first level. ”

Collecting through branches and subsidiary banks of the Bank of Chile, carried out from Arica to Puerto Williams, reached 48.2% of the total collection, while contributions through remote channels, including Internet, mobile banking, POS, Cajas Chile and ATMs – 17 9%. At the same time, auxiliary mailboxes and mailboxes add the remaining 7.9%.

Eduardo Ebensperger, CEO of Banco de Chile, expressed satisfaction that he had exceeded the goal set this year, stressing the values ​​that this great work had brought to Chileans: “To respect and welcome the difference, to give, not expecting to receive and give our talents to the service of others, makes us truly human. Thanks to Telethon, we can see how these values ​​reappear, since many times we leave them a little forgotten. ”

Ebensperger also thanked more than ten thousand volunteers from Banco de Chile who "donated their time and efforts to receive millions of people who once again demonstrated their great generosity in this great crusade of solidarity."

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