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They indict a woman who concealed diabetes, who killed her daughter

A woman from Madison, Illinois County, is accused of manslaughter after her 14-year-old daughter died of complications from untreated diabetes.

It is believed that the mother hid the diagnosis for five years. A search warrant indicates that she had medicines at home, but they never gave them to their daughter.

Emily Ikue-Rose Hampshire died on November 3 because of diabetic ketoacidosis. According to the American Diabetes Association, ketoacidosis occurs when the human body lacks insulin and it begins to break down fats. In this process, it produces ketones, a chemical that, when it accumulates in a person’s blood, makes the blood more acidic. High levels of ketones acted as a poison in the body.

Prosecutors claim that Emily developed ketoacidosis because her mother, Amber L. Hampshire, not only could not provide her with the necessary treatment for diabetes, but also hid the teenager's diagnosis from doctors, teachers, friends and family, including the girl's father,

This Thursday, public prosecutor Tom Gibbons brought charges against Amber L. Hampshire, who surrendered and then paid a bail of $ 100,000.

“Amber Hampshire had all the information and all the resources available to take care of this, and instead she decided to hide it from even the closest family members,” said Gibbons to Fox News.

Gibbons added that the reason why the mother did not provide treatment is unclear and, apparently, religion has not played any role.

On November 1, after calling 911, the police went to the family home and discovered that the girl was unconscious. Ambulance crews determined that the teenager had a cardiac arrest. They took her to a hospital in St. Louis, where she died two days later.

According to the authorities, the teenager was diagnosed with diabetes in 2013, and several times he suffered serious medical complications as a result of diabetic ketoacidosis. In February of this year, Emily was hospitalized. Following its release, insulin was reportedly prescribed as a regular drug, and additional information was provided about diabetes, insulin and dietary needs. They also scheduled three follow-up meetings, but never appeared.

There is no evidence that the girl visited a health worker because of a diagnosis of diabetes after her hospitalization at the beginning of the year.

Family members told police and medical personnel that Emily was sick with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea for several days before she was found indifferent that morning, according to a report in St. Louis.

Amber Hampshire was also dismissed by her employer, the Catholic School of St. Ambrose Godfrey. The institution published the following statement: “The Evangelical School continues to mourn the death of Emily Hampshire, an eighth grade student, bright studentYesterday, we were saddened to receive a notice from the Alton Police Department that Amber Hampshire, Emily’s mother and assistant to a preschool education teacher at school, was accused of her death. Mrs. Hampshire was placed on administrative leave after the death of her daughter, when the school learned that the Department for Children and Family Affairs and the Alton Police Department were conducting an investigation. Due to the formal charges against Amber Hampshire, she will remain on administrative leave. We ask prayers to continue for our school and for Emily’s brother, Ethan. "

If Amber Hampshire is found guilty on charges, he faces up to 24 years in prison.

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