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They add up and monitor violations in the army: officials who are prosecuted for tax fraud are encouraged.

The data was delivered by the institution itself in a response to the call for protection, which Captain Rafael Harvey Valdez filed in order to condemn the “illegal and arbitrary act” of the evaluation agencies of advertising campaigns. The explanation of the Army in at least 3 cases was that "there was no information at the agency during the processing of promotions."

Through a report filed with the Court of Appeal of Santiago, the army confirmed that it raised its rank to officials who were prosecuted for tax fraud.

This new case of violations is known at the time when the army is at the center of the dispute, first in the Viacis case, and now filtered by the commander-in-chief, General Ricardo Martinez Menentou, where he admits that the Institute Sold the weapon to drug dealers.

An 11-page army document signed by Alejandro Villagra Ramirez, Chief of Staff of the General Command of the surrogate staff, in response to a call for protection, which Captain Rafael Harvey Valdés filed to condemn the “illegal and arbitrary act“ On the estimated cases of the mentioned promotions.

An officer who condemned the alleged “anti-corruption network” in a military establishment filed slander against the appeals council of Chilean officers and brigadier general Daniel Daniel Gonzales, the staff commander,

The army responded to La Tercera that “regarding the promotion of officials prosecuted for tax fraud, it can be reported that during the processing of these promotions there was no information in the institutional body responsible for this procedure regarding the procedural status of these people, which is clearly stated in a report evacuated to the renowned court of appeal of Santiago. "

The document refers to cases of Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Kantillan, who was appointed major on January 1, 2011, despite the fact that during his promotion he was prosecuted for fraud in the treasury worth about 44 million pesos.

Other cases relate to the former first corporal, Heriberto Cortes, promoted on January 1, 2015, when he was in a preventive prison for fraud in the amount of more than $ 250 million; and one of the sergeants of the second, Jacqueline Carrasco, who had been tried by two crimes, which would have been tied to the case of Bulleta Milicogate.

The army document also mentions the case when Colonel Rafael Villarroel Opazo advanced on December 1, 2014, but when the charge was canceled. Villarroel Opazo is the brother of a former director of a military school who was called upon to retreat after a controversial tribute from a former DINA agent, convicted Miguel Krasnov.

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