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These are the "dream" holidays of one of the figures of La Rocha

Red player Charles Aranguislocated in Chile, taking advantage of the break in the Bundesliga. At this time of year, the league pauses for difficult snowfalls and negative temperatures.

And what could be better than to take advantage of this holiday than a holiday in Chile. Or at least Aranguis thought he surprised everyone with his simplicity.

The pictures that he himself uploaded to his Instagram account became a hit: he wore a Caribbean hat on them, preparing the Chilean dial next to the fire.

Meanwhile, in others he is seen sitting next to his friend Roberto Mellado at a plastic table, a bag of bread, some pots, salads and drinks.

"Charles Aranguis could be on vacation on a cruise in Miami, eat in an exotic place, at a very expensive resort, but no, he prefers to be in the country, cook by the fire, take Kema and Dad with a bag of peanut bread“How much modesty is in a prince,” commented the user @ElitoCorrales, who distributed the image on social networks.

Roberto Cerezeda, a former partner of Aránguiz, mentioned this problem in the newspaper Las Últimas Noticias. "Charlie has always been so simple“This is a great person, but I think that this is a gesture that can be seen not only in it, but also in the vast majority of players,” he said.

Here you can see simple images of Aránguiz.

Instagram by Charles Aranguis

Instagram by Charles Aranguis

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