Saturday , January 23 2021

The worker was shot after resisting robbery

One worker was hit by a bullet after an intimidating robbery, which affected the service located on Lo Ovalle Avenue in San Miguel on Wednesday evening.

Lieutenant Jonathan Manchilla, Carabinieri Criminalistics Department (Labocar), reported that around 9:40 a group five items entered into Copec point, two of them are armed with firearms.

Criminals threatened a worker revolver and submachine gun Uzi.

“Two of them intimidated the cashier with a desire to steal money that resisted resistance,” he explained.

The rest was responsible for intimidating and stealing money from firefighters.

Inside the Punto Copec, one of the opponents makes a shot against the cashier, wounding him in the right handabout. Considering this, items ran with 200 thousand pesos in cash.

Victim, Haitian nationality, boarding school because of the risk to living in the hospital Barros Luco and he operated on.

Labocar and OS-9 personnel perform relevant skills to clarify the facts and find the perpetrators.

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