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The tender book about a kitten with "Down syndrome" teaches children to accept and love those who are different

@meetmayacat is the name of an Instagram account that depicts the story of Maya, a kitten who has Down Syndrome and who was adopted by its owner, passing through the sanctuary for rare cats.

“She has an extra chromosome, and she wants to show the world that the difference is unusual,” says the account description, which publishes feline adventures, for example, her Halloween costumes, her funny ways of eating and her playing with the Dragon, another kitten at home in the city of Salem, Massachusetts (USA).

More precisely, Down syndrome exists only for the human species, which has 23 pairs of chromosomes, which contains genetic information, and manifests itself when a person has an extra copy of chromosome 21, i.e. Three in place of two.

However, other types of animals may also suffer. genetic abnormalitiesand they experience chromosomal trisomies that cause cognitive and physiological difficulties or anatomical abnormalities, as is the case in mice that represent it on chromosome 16. The difference is mainly in the fact that it is not trisomy 21, which is characteristic of the structure of human DNA .

Maya’s owner recently launched a book for children that seeks to teach them to accept and show affection for those who are different or have a disease.

“This charming picture book represents @meetmayacat and teaches children of all ages to accept those who are different. Written to normalize disability or physical, evolutionary, and emotional conditions of all kinds, this book can open everyone’s eyes to the idea that every life deserves love and acceptance, ”says in part of the book’s presentation.

In addition, he points out that the text “encourages children to relate to others because they want to be treated, and encourages the inclusion of a small and mischievous cat through the metaphor”.

"Younger children may be reflected in the basic behavior of a cat (or child) that does not look or act like they, and adult children can understand why they should treat others with kindness."

In addition, he explains that the proceeds from the text are transferred to the Odd Cat Sanctuary — from which Maya was saved — and to Special Olympics in Massachusetts.

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