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The study ensures that a vegetarian diet lowers blood sugar levels – channel diabetes

January 31, 2019 • FOOD, TIPS, DIETS, CATERING

According to a new study, a vegetarian diet can help reduce blood sugar and body weight.
The men who participated in this study, they ate vegetarian food for several weeks, observed an increase in their gastrointestinal hormones that help regulate glucose metabolism, secrete insulin, increase energy throughout the day, and control weight, according to the results published in January issue of the magazine Nutrients.

“These beneficial intestinal hormones can help maintain weight, increase insulin secretion, regulate blood sugar levels and stimulate satiety for longer,” said Hana Kaleova, head of the Committee of Responsible Medicine and the main author of the study, in a press release. "The fact that simple food choices can increase the secretion of these healthy hormones is important for people with type 2 diabetes or weight problems."

For the study, 60 men were observed with a vegetarian diet. The group consisted of 20 obese men, 20 with type 2 diabetes and 20 healthy people, each of whom consumed the same amount of calories and the proportion of macronutrients.

Previous studies have shown that vegetarian diets can help improve the mental state of people with type 2 diabetes. This study confirms that they can also have a beneficial effect on the control and control of blood glucose levels in people with diabetes. type 2

As part of the study, three groups of men reported satiety after eating vegetarian food. Researchers say that vegetarian diets can make a person feel full without adding calories from non-vegetarian diets. “This study adds more evidence that plant-based diets can help control and prevent type 2 diabetes and obesity,” said Kakhleova.

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