Saturday , January 23 2021

The Senate approves the budget for 2019 with a reduction of up to $ 500 million in carabinieri – National

The Senate approved the budget for 2019 with a decrease of $ 500 million on Carabineros

The parliamentarians gave the go-ahead to the indication that this would reduce the institution's reserve costs by 1 peso and 1 dollar. Tvn


Senate approved second procedure Budget Act 2019, after 2:00 this Thursday. Now, on Monday, in the Chamber of Deputies, the discussion will go to the third constitutional process.

Parliamentarians agreed to indicate that it reduces reserve costs by 1 peso and 1 dollar. Carabinieri.

During the discussion, the opposition decided to give a political signal against the Carabinieres for the death of Camilo Katrillanca.

Thus, when voting for the departure of the Ministry of the Interior, 16 votes to 10, the opposition made a majority in the Senate and approved this reduction in the institution's reserved expenses.

Although the indication does not affect the rest of the regular police resources, this puts the government in trouble, because the legal minimum of the reserved expenses that an institution should receive is 343 million pesos.

Although the government will look for a formula to solve this problem, the Budget Law will continue in the third procedure in the Chamber of Deputies next Monday .//////


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