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The official Marvel website confirmed the popular theory about Loki.

Loki is one of the most popular characters in Marvel Studios films. After six original Avengers, Tom Hiddleston’s character is one of those most appearing in this cohesive universe, so his life, death and resurrection have been the subject of numerous theories.

One of the main speculations around Loki became popular after the premiere The avengers Representing the god of deception In fact, he was mentally controlled during the events of the film.

But during the subsequent deliveries of the MCU, there was no concrete evidence to support this theory, pushing the approach of speculations and speculations to the territory, which are abundant in films of this type.

However, now the biography of this version of Loki on the official Marvel website has confirmed that Loki did not fully control his actions during The Avengers.

An excerpt from Loki’s biography recalls how the character experienced his apparent death at the end of Thor’s first film, noting that “after arriving at the Sanctuary through a wormhole caused by Bifrost, Loki collided with the Other, the ruler of the ancient race of aliens, Chitauri and tanos”.

So far, all this is a famous story, which ended with the revenge of Thanos and Loki’s death at the beginning Avengers: Endless Warbut the confirmation of the theory comes in the second part of this description.

“Offering to god of deception dominion over the beloved kingdom of his brother Earth, Thanos asked him in return for Teserakto,” the biography says. “Endowed with a scepter that acted as a mind control device, Loki could influence others. But without his knowledge the scepter also influenced him, inciting his hatred of his brother Thor and the inhabitants of the earth. "

That is, during all events The avengers Loki acted under the influence of the scepter, which contained precious stone of the mind. This object influenced him in the same way that Loki used it with the Falcon Eye and Eric Selvig to help him carry out the Chitauri invasion.

The idea that Loki might be under some influence was expressed by Thor in the film, especially when he asks in his first meeting with Loki. "Who controls the intended king? " intrigued by Loki's statements about the power of Tesseract and worlds he could not imagine.

Also remember that the Scepter was presented to Loki by the "Other", who at some point in the film uses him to contact him and threaten him that he will be subjected to torture if he cannot conquer Earth.

In this sense, the description not in detail if the influence of the center was considered as part of the Thanos plan or was it a side effect of the proximity of a gem that no one took into account, like what happens to Bruce Banner in the same The Avengers.

In any case, this update of Loki’s biography does not seem to be a coincidence, remember that soon the character will have their own series in Disney + streaming, and also according to filtered photos Avengers: Endgame will return to the battle of new york from The avengersWhere Loki will have a new look.

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