Saturday , February 29 2020
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The new campaign Wom gets a fierce club to other operators

In the context of the discussion on the spectrum.

We have another new and fun campaign Wom, which is now compared directly to Entel, Movistar and Claro with the character “Kiko” Chavo del-8.

All this is fully discussed the issue of returning the radio frequency spectrum by the three largest operators.

This question has been considered for a long time, and this campaign, despite the fact that it may be interesting, is just Wom, who took the opportunity to support the initiative and fight what the Department of Telecommunications Secretariat has been giving for many months.

It is called “I demand Lo Yosto” and claims to “fair competition with 5G for all”, which is rather biased, meaning that they will not have access to the network, but the development of this technology in the country together. Its implementation is in its infancy.

Other operators won the tender at that time, but Subtel says they gave it “bad use”, which is why it is frozen.

Our position is moderation, since both sides have some reason, but the likelihood that a public entity will prepare the ground for more foreign players to come in as an operator, for example, China Telecom, is becoming increasingly suspicious. but we insist, they are only suspicions.

Justice will ultimately decide whether the operators retain their fragment of the spectrum or if it remains in the hands of Subtel again. Uma doesn't have much to play here, but they manage to generate popularity and controversy.

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