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The name and strength of the new villain is already known

While Dragon Ball Super: Broly continues its premiere success, the manga franchise continues to evolve in this new arc story. The very last chapter of the publication states that the name was announced, as well as the power of the new villain.

According to the manga translation done @GovetaXV, The new villain will be called Moreau. Remember that until now only his image was known through the publication page, but without providing details.

In addition, in a recent release, part of this villain’s story was revealed, indicating that 10 million years ago, Moreau caused chaos throughout the galaxy. As can be seen, since most of the chapter is devoted to showing his battle with old Kayo, he could use comets to attack and his power allowed him to finish off whole planets, absorbing all his life energy, a technique similar to Genki-dama, but absorbing all the life energy of living beings, regardless of whether they want it or not.

Moro, he could only be defeated after Saint Kayo-Shin used a secret technique this allowed him to be captured and imprisoned in the Galactic Patrol. In spite of this, He was sentenced to eternal life in prison, because no one could kill himOver the years, Moreau regained his power, which allowed him to escape from prison.

In addition to this, the head of the manga showed the beginning of GOku and Vegeta as new members of the Galactic Patrol, receiving orders from Merus, a soldier who came to Earth to capture Magin Buu, to free Kayo, absorbed thousands of years ago.

This chapter also shows how Goku and Vegeta set off on their first mission as part of the Galactic Patrol, the culmination of which is that Goku discovers Ki Moro, who obviously realizes this.


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