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The French were going to go to jail for stealing PS4

In the same way that video games realize the feats of enthusiasts to break records and get the most out of consoles and games, they also have moments that refer to the nonsense that some people are willing to accomplish in order to get a platform. Recently in France there was news when a 19-year-old boy tried to steal a PS4 by deceiving a price scanner in a supermarket.

According to the report L & # 39; est Republicain (through Kotaku19), a 19-year-old French citizen named Adele was in serious trouble with the French authorities trying to steal a PS4 from a supermarket. According to the information, in September last year, young Adel had an idea to steal the PS4 on the Montbeliard market, and so that his crime went unnoticed, he took the box with the console to the zone of fruits and vegetables to weigh it and create a label. the price that led to 10 US dollars obviously has nothing to do with the 389 US dollars that should have been paid legally. As you know, in some supermarkets there are boxes in which it is enough to go through a scanner so that it reads all price tags and generates a total value; Well, Adele did the same and left the store with the PS4, for which he paid a small amount. After making sure that his plan was a success, Adele returned the next day and tried to do the same, unfortunately for him, the police waited near the boxing section to arrest him for theft.

After the trial, which was released from last September, a few days ago, the French authorities decided to suspend the punishment, originally planned for a 19-year-old, which included a prison sentence of 4 months. However, despite the fact that last week he didn’t show his audience, it seems that the French authorities understood Adel’s case, who claimed that he stole a PS4 to resell it for more than $ 100, and thus has money to pay for a train ticket to take home. So far, the sentence has been suspended and will only be applied if the youth commits another crime.

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