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"The first steps of the colonization of Mars"

Last Monday, November 26th, NASA InSight spacecraft landed on Mars.

Landing was a difficult feat. After six months of flight, the landing capsule was supposed to break through the atmosphere. Fly through the Martian air at an initial speed of 19,800 km / h and enter the atmosphere at an exact angle of 12 degrees.

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In connection with the expectation of arriving on Mars, international analyst Raul Sohr said that this success is related to a series of missions that had previously been developed for the orbit of Mars, ensuring that it "was a necessary condition for achieving a landing."

Stimulus to get a ship InSight will reach the Martian planet, This is primarily due to the scientific desire to learn and learn more about Mars, but, in addition, there are other factors “Like the space race, which was pacified, it became more operational and practical”– said an international analyst.

"NASA has lost fame because a number of private companies are competing for how much a kilogram costs in space," said Sohr.

This trip promises to get to the center of Mars, and will also be aimed at studying the habitability of this area, so the idea of ​​finding out whether there is water can be done with the help of seismographs that are part of "The first steps of the colonization of Mars"said Raoul Sohr.

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Although the ship InSight is the most advanced in science, where huge derivatives can be taken as they move, Sohr explained that behind This mission had many previous failures.why "the joy of scientists is justified because it is a great achievement."

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