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The day José Manuel Parada’s father heard about his murder and continued on stage

As part of a series of chapters of his web series “The rest is history” about relevant episodes in recent history of Chile, Perplexity published one dedicated to the cause Roberto Parada, father of Jose Manuel Paradekilled in the Degollados case.

Under the name "The function must continue", the video tells the details of the day when a famous Chilean actor presented his work "Spring with a broken corner"adaptation of the novel by Mario Benedetti with the theater company ICTUS. The work was about an exiled father whose son was a political prisoner of the Uruguayan dictatorship.

The events took place on March 30, 1985, on the day of the Parade. he found out about killing his own son at the hands of dictator Augusto Pinochet. The amazing thing is that he knew this in the middle, and still decided to continue work,

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His comrades tried to dissuade him, but it was useless. The parade took the stage and gave an idea that those who saw it remember it to this day. The room was already full, but as the work progressed, more and more people came: friends who learned about the murder and decided to go with him,

Degollados case

Between March 28 and March 29, 1985, they were abducted.José Manuel Parada Malunda, Santiago Esteban Nattino Allende and Manuel Leonidas Guerrero CeballosTheir bodies were found on March 30 near Pudahuel Airport, decapitated and tortured.

Parade Malunda, 36, was a young sociologist and the son of Roberto Parade. It worked like Head of Analytical Department of the Vicariate of Solidarity,

"He said he was not going to suspend the work, that he dedicated it to his magnificent son"Reminds the founder of the theater Ictus Nissim Sharim.

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