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the consequences of violent tuesday in rapa nui

In Rapa Nui there have been no killings since 2012. Or more after 2000. The first meeting, according to the Deputy Secretary for Crime Prevention, with reference to the police. The second is the one that needs a phone (“it was a murder,” he says), at a distance of almost 3760 kilometers, the mayor Pedro Pablo Edmunds Paoathat woke up with his quivering domains. To summarize: yesterday, a 51-year-old man finished – drank and scored – a 34-year-old who was trying to get even with him. Then the murderer was almost lynched by a mob, which in her anger ended up burning the only Court of letters and guarantees, the only notary and the only real estate restorer. With public affairs and all that.

Edmunds, the island’s highest authority, has blood ties with the victim, with the victim, and with many evil and furious people who yesterday wanted to do justice with their own hands. “Of course, I am connected with the victim, he is my nephew. I am also connected with the victimizer, but this makes a generation, for example, about six. We are all connected on this island; Do not forget that since 1865 we have descended from 34 women, ”he explains.

The two main characters are the aggressor, Juan Alberto Naho Hevereri (51), known as El-Pakistan, and the late Luis Alberto Araki Paoa (34).

The blood flowed yesterday, says the mayor, after another violent act that happened about a week ago: “A twelve-year-old boy was pasturing his cows, and this criminal beat him with blows, beat him and stabbed him. The boy managed to survive, jumped on his horse and tore off. It came to the ears of the family and his uncle, who eventually became the victim of this killer. "

Edmunds says that, like his relatives, there is a certain truth that everyone knows each other on the island, he knows the story of the criminal. If we consider that “they say“ Pakistan ”, then the Pakistanis have nothing. He is a criminal who was brought up in the marginal quarters of Santiago by his mother when she emigrated from the island in the late 1960s. Then he comes with this habit of threatening with a knife or pistol. He arrives on the island with such a cruel attitude. ”

He then continues: “He married and married a Spaniard with many resources; He became a cruel animal with money. "


Well, always according to the mayor's narration, a 12-year-old boy turned out to be Araki Paoa’s nephew, a victim. “His uncle went to this killer’s house, and it didn’t make a difference with a hammer on the neck. He fell to the floor, and the other took advantage of it, put four sablazo and killed him, ”says Edmunds.

The aggressor was shot down by a mob when he was taken to the detention center, so they eventually set fire to the building in which the courtyard, the notary, the restorer, and all that was lost. Or, as the mayor says, “When the court began to burn, the judge, the police and the murderer pressed on the cave, and it was then that the crowd seized him, breaking him, he took him from the police, and there he was given away.”,

“The island has lost its history, its respect and good name,” he reflects.

One of the versions that was spread this morning is that all this could have been avoided, that PDI would have warned that it would be very dangerous to hold a hearing in such conditions. But they did not pay any attention to them, and in the end – after the attack and the fire – it was done about 20 hours in the police barracks, far away.

“I don’t know if this is so,” the mayor says. But he adds that “the prosecutor, who is involved in this, did not take precautions, considering himself that several people were waiting for the detainee. He did not consult with us and did nothing. He knew that there was a protest outside, and he was not careful in taking security measures, instead of holding a hearing at PDI headquarters, where it was finally done later. ”

“Island – Prison”

Nacho Herevereri saved his life, but he is still in danger, so today he was brought to Santiago in a private jet, rented by the Valparaiso administration for Aerocardal. In addition to medical reasons, on the island, of course, there are one prison, which became known as the “happy prison”, surrounded by an image that is slightly larger than the hippie criminal, where you go and enter when you want.

The gendarmerie says it is not. That in the prison complex Rapa-Nui (as it is called) “there are cells and the same internal regime as in all penitentiaries of the country”. They add that there are "four condemned."

The mayor adds: “There is a prison, this is usually the rule. But do not forget that the island itself is a prison. Where will you go? If you swim, you will be eaten by sharks. "

-Because all relatives, did you have anything to do with this almost lynching?
No, I was present, and thanks to me an ambulance arrived.

– But he knows all the aggressors accused.
Yes, they are all my family, yes. But I reject violence.

The mayor doubts that what is coming now is part of the film in which the institutions should work, work. “I would like justice to be there on the continent. But, as I see, this guy will get it very gently, because the victim got up without a police examination, because the PDI was delayed in arriving. Secondly, the family does not want an autopsy. Third, he will use on his own behalf that a mob attacked him yesterday. Then I see that justice will be truncated and that in the end it will go out. ”

Then he will be executed on the street as soon as this happens.
– I don't expect that. I suggest to my family that if I want to teach a lesson, the lesson has already been given and turn the page.

In the PDI, Valparaiso says that at the moment they are not considering the possibility of sending reinforcements to Rapa Nui. The fact that the staff – there, obviously, there is only one unit – is ready to cope with this situation. The fact that they are close to two weeks, to the overwhelming majority of “conti”, and that, although they belong to the Crime Brigade (Brikrim), they are trained in several areas.

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