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The connection between the light of electronic festivals and epilepsy

Electronic music can be dangerous to health. Although it was already associated with epileptic seizuresNow researchers warn of risks that are not explained to assistants, according to specialists from the University Medical Center of Amsterdam University (Netherlands).

According to the BMJ Open magazine, the problem is strobe light of this type of concerts, which could multiply by three the risk of suffering these attacks.

Scientists have studied the case a young 20-year-old who moved them for the first timeAs a result of their case, they analyzed the medical care of 28 music festivals during 2015 in the Netherlands, where they also show the relevance of drugs used at festivals for epileptic seizures.

According to the results, it did not affect people who suffered convulsions, because most did not use drugs despite the usual consumption of ecstasy. In conclusion, out of more than 400,000 participants, 2,776 people were treated, and only in 39 cases was this epileptic crisis. The nuance is that 30 of them occurred during nightly performances, for this reason it is concluded that epilepsy causes 3.5 times more at night.

“Organizations must begin to inform their audiences about these dangers,” they say. "This is an observation, and you cannot establish a direct cause, but we believe that these figures are an underestimation of the actual incidence“They emphasize.

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