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The best news in Android 2018

The year is coming to an end, and the reality is that 2018 left us a very good taste in terms of innovations from various manufacturers. Androidespecially the Chinese, who clearly demonstrated the power of their products, being the most innovative of all Android manufacturers.

For this reason, this year we have collected innovations in Android, both in hardware and in software, so that you can decide what is best and most interesting.

7 of the most innovative smartphones in 2018

Google Adaptive Battery

One of the best features of Android Pie is the so-called “adaptive battery”, which, thanks to artificial intelligence, improves the autonomy of phones with this operating system, like closing background applications that almost do not use, Thus, they will not use the power of your phone for work.

Huawei – Scan objects to create it in AR

Although augmented reality is not new, what Huawei did left a very good impression, because Mate 20 is able to scan real objects, turning them into AR (augmented reality) figures, so we can give them movement and play with them.

Google duplex

Although this is not something special for Android, Google Duplex is one of the biggest advances in artificial intelligence that a user encounters, it has been shown that Google AI can make a phone call to make an appointment in a restaurant or other place depicting yourself man.

Huawei – NM Cards

This year we saw the first Huawei Nano Cards, which are an evolution of microSD memory, and became the first manufacturer to introduce this technology on a smartphone, the size of which is equal to the size of nano SIM.

OPPO and VIVO – retractable camera

OPPO and VIVO were the first manufacturers to launch a smartphone with an enviable screen frame, due to the fact that they “removed” the front camera in the OPPO Find X and the Vivo NEX S from the front, so they created a system of sliding cameras that removes the front camera when we are going to use him.

Xiaomi and Honor – retractable screen

Contrary to what OPPO and Vivo have done, Honor and Xiaomi have implemented a sliding screen system, which we must move to remove the front camera. We can see this in Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 and Honor Magic 2.

Huawei- reversible wireless charging

One of the reasons why Huawei Mate 20 The most innovative phone of the year is reversible wireless charging, and this is what is the first phone in the world that allows you to charge other devices that support wireless charging.

5 things that make the Huawei Mate 20 family the most innovative in 2018

Huawei camera with macro and super wide-angle mode

Another thing that sets off the Mate 20 family is its three-chamber rear camera with a photo mode, called macro photography, which first appears on the phone again and which allows us to shoot objects that are 2.5 cm away from the camera, getting results You will not see any other phone in the world.

Unlike the macro mode, we have a Huawei super wide-angle lens, which we see on our smartphone for the first time, and with which we can take pictures that are currently possible only with a floor or a professional camera and an angle lens or
Fish eye

Google – Night Sight

Although Google continues to support the only rear camera on its device, it has made one of the most amazing achievements in night photography thanks to artificial intelligence, stating that the technology is called Night Sight and is able to offer clear photos even in complete darkness.

Samsung – Infinity-O Display

They were not the only ones, but the first to introduce the famous perforated screen, or a hole in the screen, which can be a solution to the controversial cut. Samsung already has its first device with this technology, called the Galaxy A8s, and it looks like it will be a trend in 2019.

HTC – Exodus, blockchain based phone

For many, a Bochchain-based phone is not something that attracts attention, but the reality is that, at least, this is an interesting and innovative rate from HTC, which released its first phone with Blockchain technology to ensure the privacy and security of users to never have not seen before.

It is curious that this phone can only be bought with Bitcoins, so we know that it will not be successful in sales, but it assumes that it will be different from its competitors.

ZTE and VIVO – dual screen

This year, ZTE decided on a dual-screen smartphone without a front camera, because only the rear camera allows you to take selfies and see them from the back of the LCD screen.

On the other hand, Vivo also released its own dual OLED screen model, and these are models that are currently sold only in China.

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