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The battle for the grid is visible in the new trailer and gameplay

Power Rangers is one of the most famous episodes, having spent many seasons for 25 years, in addition to all sorts of video games that will soon join Mighty Rangers: Battle for the Grid, the title of the fight, which was announced a few days ago and which is now seen in a couple of new videos,

Both in the trailer and in the gameplay, which you have placed below, we can observe Mighty Rangers of different generations Distribute all kinds of punches based on punches and kicks and with the help of their weapons and special abilities. In turn, the battles will consist of confrontations three vs three,

Despite the fact that in both videos you can see only the tug Power Rangers, it is assumed that they will also be part of the staff. some of the most famous villainsIts creators, nWay, are trying simplify management system everything is possible so that someone can be encouraged to play, although this will also include some deeper controls for more experienced ones.

The game will have cross play function so that users of Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC can play together between them just as the game will be saved to continue on any of these systems. Despite this, it is also planned to go on sale on the PS4, but in this case, this version will not use these features.

Mighty Rangers: Battle for the Grid it will arrive in april to different consoles, while those who expect to have it for a PC will have to come to terms with a little more, until it is released later. It will be published in standard edition for 19.99 euros and another Collector's Edition for 39.99 euros which will include a seasonal pass, which will give access to three new characters with their respective stories and skin pack.

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