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Suffer fans: the navy was not accepted in the third "B" and there will be another year without football | football

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Victor Salazar | UN Agency Archive

This Friday bad news came from fans. naval, symbolic club of the city of Talcahuano.

The Ankla team, which is headed by the Social Club, was not accepted in the third division Bas announced portal Third passion,

Information has been approved club supplies at BioBioChilewho did not hide his surprise at the decision.

Daniel GonzalezA lawyer at CSD Navy, said that "we are very surprised by the determination that appeared in the media and social networks, we were not officially notified."

"We carry out the formality of submission of documents, notebook, certificates and other documents, so we expect the same formality of response, whether it is a refusal or acceptance … a phone call, whatsapp or notify us by the press is not like the legal formThat is why we are waiting for an official response, where we express the reasons why we cannot participate and indicate that we do not meet, "he added.

As for the same question, Gonzalez added that “what we were able to separate is supposedly the reason for the refusal based mainly on maintaining debt to ANFPthat reassured us. We were in Santiago, we presented a certificate of no debt, we signed an agreement on a public payment act with ANFP, everything is streamlined … I assume that we will have some kind of instance to prove that there is an errorand what they say in the ANFA is not effective. "

The lawyer also argued that “wes we follow the same channel that followed the social club Deportes ConcepciónThey also submitted a no-debt statement and signed a payment agreement with ANFP, which we follow a letter that will also be accepted in amateur football. As a social club, we are calm, I look forward to this formal response in order to evaluate the next steps. ”

Recall that the navy was transferred for violations in the payment of salaries in 2017when he was in the second division, and he was in 2018 in the process of "sanitation", indicating that he does not have football.

Thus, and in order to avoid a miracle, the team & # 39; chorero & # 39; which in 1963 met with Santos de Pele in El Morro, will be in 2019 two years without competitive football.

CEFF Copiapó, Pumas FC, Bellavista La Florida, Deportivo Gol and Gol, Goodyear, La Pintana Unida, Pirque Sports, CDSC Nacimiento, Sports Lota Schwager and Lota Schwager Corporation were accepted as confirmation.

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