Wednesday , November 13 2019
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Store owner killed in Puente Alto

The local office of Puente Alto is investigating the murder of a man who died after he was shot dead during the storming of his offices in the area of ​​Puente Alto, and where he could resist a robbery.

According to police, in the last hours of Friday four people arrived at the victim’s warehouse, located in the interior of the city of Los Andes, and at that moment the worker began to resist.

However, one of the attackers snatched a firearm from his clothes, having shot the owner of a particular business at one time, and then disappeared into a car, not having time to take money from a local cashier.

After that, local residents and relatives sent the victim to the emergency service of the hospital of Sotero del Rio, who died in a medical center.

The homicide investigation team took place in the capital of the province of Cordillera in the metropolitan area.

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