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Some Xiaomi Mi A1 are out of the 4G connection after upgrading to Android 9 Pie

What should have been very good news was not entirely true. Upgrade to Android 9 Pie for Xiaomi Mi A1 This creates inconvenience for certain units.

We need reports from different users, some units of this smartphone they stay No connectivity to 4G network in your country. This happens after they have updated their terminal to the latest version of the large G operating system. Always referring to the process via OTA (Over-the-air), that is, it arrives automatically, without doing anything specific, except for going to the section software update,

As an additional and additional way, I personally also have a My A1. I was able to load and run the cake … and I also checked to get 4G away.

Of course, there will be those who question and suggest that such problems should have been foreseen during betaAnd although they have many reasons – if not all – the truth is that even so, complications always happen.

Other people on the other hand manifesto who did not receive update in the appropriate My A1. Considered what is it with the same Xiaomi would stop the distribution, which brings a new version of AndroidAlthough there is no official confirmation about this last.

Only some of my A1 are affected.

In any case, if you are the owner of the equipment mentioned in this after and you have not yet updated, then you will not have problems with connecting 4G. Similarly, this does not mean that if you upgrade software are you going to exhaust LTE

We repeat: the error is reported and produced in some units. No general patterns and / or relationships found But there are those who have been updated and present no problems.,

I hope the manufacturer will provide us with a new one. firmware This includes solving this problem in a short time for those who have suffered. We will be attentive just in case.

Many thanks to all those people who contacted us and reported on their particular situation.

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