Sunday , October 20 2019
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Sebastian Moreno – the new president of ANFP

Script confirmed in ANFP: Sebastián Moreno – the new president of the organic, over the next four years.

Opposition candidate and current board member Arturo Salah won the election in Jorge Wawi, in closed elections that unexpectedly reached the fourth round and it was determined 25-21.

Everything happens after the onslaught, which had Rwanda of the Arab picture, but could not ratify in the second and third round, which won 24-22, but did not receive the necessary majority of 25 votes.

Moreno will thus perform its function on January 7th.

Beyond Miney Nichols

The first round of elections determined that Jorge Waui and Sebastián Moreno determine the second president of the organization in the second round.

After the vote, the first round showed 18 votes for Sebastian Moreno, 18 for Jorge Wawi and only 12 for Harold Mein-Nichols.

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