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Rosemary responded by leaving Mekano Tour,

A few days ago it was known that Rosemary Dietz was disconnected from the 2018 Mekano tour for “repeated episodes of irresponsibility,” this was confirmed by the executive director who organizes the events, Carlos Sandia.

In fact, the blonde missed one of the Mekano shows for attending the birthday of her friend Daniela Arrangiz, who, according to Rosemary, had previously warned the team.

In the middle of this scenario, he decided to let off steam through an Instagram post: “Just say that you always know the truth. Lord is great! And when you act well for the rest of your life, there are always bad people who are trying to touch you and make mistakes. But I am strong, so nothing ends for me, on the contrary, for a while there is a Rose. Kisses, Rosemary wrote.

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