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Report a new scam through Netflix


You must be careful when opening Netflix emails. The company is working well as well as its communication system with users, but the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), due to its abbreviation in English, issued a warning that says Massive epidemic of data theft attempts banks through false messages sent by the platform.

This is an email that users receive along with a message inviting them to update their data, including a payment method. The design of the mail is so good that they perfectly imitate Netflix communication with your customers; However, those who fell into the trap sent their Bank account to criminals who cheat internet users.

Many create these emails because their design is flawless: they perfectly mimic Netflix communication with their customers. However, users who are trapped and gain access to the network to update the data actually send their bank accounts to criminals.

This is not the first time the FTC has warned about this type of Netflix fraud. In fact, they are becoming more repetitive, and it is only a matter of time when the Spanish version of the same fake email will appear.

So that no one gets access to Netflix without your permission, You can use a platform tool that offers complete information. regarding the activity that was performed in your account.

With the help of the “Last Streaming Device” option, you can access data related to the date, time, IP address and even the type of device that was connected to your user account.

If you find any suspicious activity, exit all active devices and reset the password from the Netflix website. Also send any suspicious data or send an email to

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