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Power games: police drama and suspense of Mega, which will happen to the Dollhouse | TV and shows

A powerful match is one that looms over the following months on the Mega screen. For several weeks now he has been recording a new nightly television series, which for the first time will be involved in the world of influences, political power and justice. A confrontation that poses a primordial and familiar dilemma: how far can we go to protect our children.

Power games, the fourth nightly bet on Mega and production number 15 in the dramatic field, directed by Maria Eugenia Rencoret.

The story, written by a team led by Luis Ponce and in the role of executive production of which Daniel Demicheli, will be included in a relentless search to find the truth that will lead the prosecutor Anibal Ramos – the role that Jorge Zabalet embodies – who will not calm down until find those who is responsible for the disgrace, the victims of which were two university brothers, one of whom lost his life.

On the other side of the road, presidential candidate Mariano Beltran (Alvaro Rudolfi) will do everything in his power – both for his family and for preserving his political capital and power – to avoid this truth. It turned out that his son Camilo (Simon Pesutich ) responsible for what looks prosecutor Ramos.

These will be the coordinates of the fiction that will occur on the screen in order to House Dolls and that, a few weeks ago, he began his recordings at various points in Santiago, including places in communes, such as Lo Barnechea, Peñalolen and Nunoa, among others.

This story, defined as police drama and suspense, brings together about 100 people under the general leadership of Patricio González and includes outstanding professionals such as: Ingrid Cruz, Francis Imboden, Roberto Farias, Claudio Arredondo, Alejandra Araya, Augusto Schuster, Patricia Rivadenera, Paula Sharim, Simon Pesutik, Fernanda Ramirez, Rodrigo Soto and Christian Zúñigaamong the others.

Power gamesAfter eight years, Alvaro Rudolfi and Jorge Zabaleta will play a major role in the television show, which puts them in different directions, creating a constant tension during the television series.

According to Daniela Demicheli, executive producer, "It will be a story that identifies all Chileans, especially parents. The question that will immediately arise is what will you do if something happens to the child?,

While director Patricio González adds: “This story will show us that we are all vulnerable and that anyone walking down the street can happen to our heroes. ”adding that “And again the Mega screen becomes a mirror. Here the public will meet the human perspectives of Chile today.".

Argument Review

Mariano Beltran is an ambitious presidential candidate. He is not a traditional politician: he is an entrepreneur who recently decided to start a public life in order to control the fate of the country. Looks like an ideal life: a family united and jealous of many. While in the middle of the campaign, his son Camilo is not leading an accident that could lead the boy to prison and put an end to his presidential ambitions.

Like every father, Beltran will use every means at his disposal to prevent his son from going to prison. His plans did not mean that he appeared before Prosecutor Ramos, cunning and difficult to bribe the dog. A brilliant and insightful professional with a unique sense of smell, who sooner or later discovers that he has a personal account to accuse a presidential candidate.

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