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Paulina Lopez on the possibility of calling Red: “If Maura encourages me, you can’t call me” | TV and shows

In mid-October, Polina Lopez was in the arena after she left the musical Red heartIn which he participated with Daniela Castillo, Maura Rivera, Leticia Zamorano, Caroline Soto and Maria Isabel Sobarzo.

In a statement, the artists explained that the decision to remove her from the show was due to the alleged irresponsibility of the dancer and her lack of professionalism.

But the former red She was not silent and defended herself, indicating that what was stated in the statement was completely false and that she had to guarantee her professionalism. "It does not seem fair to me (…) I did not fit into the head, we were very close, it was a surprise for me"expressed at the time.

After this dispute, three months passed, and today again one of Lopez’s remarks about the possibility of being invited red,

In an interview with the national portal Fotech, the dancer was asked if she was offered to become a jury member, as they did with other former partners, to which she replied that this was not for a specific reason.

“Honestly, I think that if Maura (Rivera) is inspiring, it’s impossible to call me, obviously, I believe. Although I don’t know if she will have such a big weight to demand anything, but the truth is that if they called me, I wouldn’t accept it because there is no good wave there. But you never know, and I do not know how much you pay … It all depends. But they did not contact me "replied Paulina.

Finally, as for his mockery of the musical, Lopez assured that he prefers to close this chapter. “I try not to remember this because it was the same thing that was unpleasant when my friendship with Leticia (Zamorano) was damaged because we were very friends, and obviously we are no longer. We were very good employees with other girls, we got along very well, but unfortunately what happened happened, and obviously I will never work with them again. I'm not used to working like that, except when it's with friends. "he concluded.

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